From the Mountaintop

We call them Mountaintop Experiences.

They are the times when you go somewhere far away from your normal life and distractions and get closer to God. Often during these experiences we learn who we are, who God is, and what we should do with our lives. But, when we come down from the mountain, we forget what God told us and soon fall back into the patterns we were used to before we left.

Every year, when I go away, I experience a spiritual high of sorts. I hear God speak as I spend time with him far away from my normal life which is buzzing with distractions. But when I come home, all those lessons are forgotten and I return to my usual patterns of life. I know it is the same for most people, but that doesn’t make it any less of a disheartening occasion. I desperately want to change, but I just can’t seem to find the motivation to do so since I’m back in a familiar environment that just urges me to keep doing what I was doing.

Photo on 7-2-17 at 5.10 PM

Just last week, for the second year in a row after coming home from my experience, I remembered a quote from The Silver Chair that I think speaks to this situation. (In all honesty, the entire book speaks to the Mountaintop Experience, but I won’t quote it all here)

“Here on the mountain I have spoken to you clearly: I will not do so down in Narnia. Here on the mountain, the air is clear and your mind is clear; as you drop down into Narnia, the air will thicken. Take great care that it does not confuse your mind.” -Aslan

Don’t let the busyness of everyday life distract you from what is important: from what you were shown on the mountaintop. As Aslan also says in this chapter, “remember the Signs. Say them to yourself when you wake in the morning and when you lie down at night, and when you wake in the middle of the night.”

Don’t forget. Don’t despair. Keep trying.

This is a lesson I’m still trying to learn, and I know it’s going to be a hard time for me to try to break the old habits and turn out the better from my experiences, but this time I’m relying on God and not myself.

God bless, have a great day, and thanks for reading:)


Two Amazing Stores I Discovered Recently

I used to love shopping, but recently I have begun to despise it because it takes too much time; time that I could be spending writing or thinking about writing or another method of procrastination.

But, over the course of the last month or so, I have been shopping a few times and I discovered two stores that I really wish I had encountered a while ago.

Just like with my previous post, Two Amazing Things I Discovered This Week, everyone is probably aware of these stores’ existence, most likely have been there a couple of times, and it’s just me who is uncultured because I never go shopping.

So the first store I discovered was Hot Topic. I had heard about it, mostly on the internet, though one friend had recommended it to me.

My sister decided to go to the mall and I came along, packing a book or two just to make sure I wasn’t bored. It must have been May 2nd because that’s when I started reading Paper Towns. She was looking for a dress. I was looking for something anything that was less than ten dollars (no luck there). The mall is just too dang expensive and I don’t understand why girls would even want to wear half the stuff I saw.

Then, as we were walking around Abercrombie and Fitch or Aeropostale or <insert clothing store name that starts with an “A”>, I happened to see Hot Topic just down the hall. I went in, passing a rack of graphic tees and tanks, the one on the front saying “Panic! At the Disco”, and fell in love.

There was Harry Potter merch in the front of the store: Hogwarts house tanks, Fantastic Beasts necklaces, mugs, pants, and other things. Then I soon found the Doctor Who section, and in the very back there were the band tees. I couldn’t decide which Twenty One Pilots shirt I preferred (there were maybe five styles). The interior was dark and small and they played “Death of a Bachelor”, among other songs that you never hear on the radio. I eventually had to leave, but I returned and finally decided on and bought a TØP shirt.

The second store I discovered was Barnes and Noble. I went there on Mother’s Day with a friend. I absolutely loved walking in and seeing all the books. I know a lot of people talk about smelling books, but I honestly don’t think that books have a smell. Sorry for being a bad bookworm

I wanted to sit there all day and just read all the books. Maybe buy one or two. In the end I bought a book, Made You Up, because I decided to indulge myself instead of doing the usual two hours of research and finding references before I make a purchase. I finally read it two days ago. It was pretty good and from what I understand is a good representation of schizophrenia, not to mention that the cover is beautiful. I did write a review on it, but it’s not all that great because I only spent fifteen minutes on it before I had to leave for work. And….just a little thing that made me happy….on the receipt, they had a list of books that you might like if you enjoyed the book you bought. I’m hanging onto it with the plans of eventually checking out those other books.

And the bags have the first lines of classic novels and beautiful black and white illustrations.

So, now I shall end this post saying that I am no longer fully uncultured and that I shall look forward to going shopping again at these stores.


Thank you for reading, wonderful person.

Let me know if there’s another fandom or bookish store that I should check out.

See you later,



For Your Health

If you’re human, you’ve probably doubted yourself before. You’ve stood in front of the mirror, calling yourself ugly, wondering how anyone could possibly love you. You’ve hid from your friends, doubting if they really care about you like how you care about them. Repetitive thoughts assail you, reminding you that you think you’re worthless, ugly, or unloved.

I can’t remember the statistics, but the amount of people suffering from depression is crazy, and depression is only one of the few mental afflictions out there.

In honor of May being Mental Health Awareness Month, I have compiled a list of a few things that I have found helpful in keeping myself mentally healthy (with a little bit of physical health thrown in, even as much as I’d like to deny it).

Disclaimer: I am no expert. There. That’s all you need to know.

So, here is the list:

  1. Sleep. Yes, this is the best thing for you. If you are stressing about something, I recommend going to bed early and don’t worry about it until the morning.
  2. Trust your friends. Doubting what they tell you, especially their compliments, really hurts you by causing you to learn to doubt yourself and everyone around you in the process.
  3. Eat breakfast. it’s good for you. I don’t care what that random relative/health fanatic told you. They lied.
  4. If you’re going out someplace and are socially anxious like me, wear something you feel completely comfortable in. Sure that one outfit might look super cute, but if it makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s best to stick with t-shirt and jeans (or whatever else you always wear).
  5. Don’t diet or starve yourself. First off, it makes you gain weight because when you eat again your body stores it away as fat in case of another period of not eating, and second off ‘die’ is in the word ‘diet’. If you really want to lose weight, exercise is the best route.
  6. Smile. It has been scientifically proven that smiling makes you feel happier, and it also makes everyone else who sees you feel a little more happy.
  7. Sarcasm. This is a personal revelation so I don’t know if others can relate, but I think sarcasm is the sixth love language. I only use it when I feel comfortable with the person I’m talking to, so when someone uses sarcasm on me, I feel some sort of platonic connection.
  8. Don’t procrastinate (preaching to the choir, I know. I know). Instead, do whatever you’re supposed to do and give yourself little breaks to do your procrastinating activities, whether it be pinterest or cookies. Or both 🙂
  9. Whenever you see your reflection in the mirror, make sure to tell yourself how pretty you are. Sure, a lot of us would like to have brains over beauty, but it doesn’t hurt to have both and it starts with you feeling comfortable in your own skin.
  10. Extrovert. Go out with your friends. Talk to that one person at work or church you really want to get to know better. (this is me steeling my nerves. I’ve been wanting to talk to this person for at least two years now…)
  11. Keep a diary. When you get angry or frustrated with other people it helps you if you write about it, therefore basically having the opportunity to vent but not doing it to that person’s face or involving a friend in your discord.
  12. Don’t get worked up over your crush. There are better things to devote your time and mental energy to. Fries before guys. Cake before potential dance partners (yes. I danced with a cake at prom)
  13. Don’t be ashamed about how many donuts you can eat or how many slices of pizza you can devour in one sitting. Food is great and people who don’t eat it are on a one way track to starvation and depression.
  14. Read instead of spending time on social media.
  15. Stay hydrated. yes. this is one of those physical health tips, but seeing as how your mind and body are connected, it helps, especially if you’re often exhausted and don’t feel like doing anything.
  16. Last but not least, get closer to God. Even if you only have time to pray before you go to bed, do it. You may have a lot of friends, but God is the best friend you can possibly have, and he’s always there for you, no matter how long you ignore him and no matter how many other people he has to talk to as well.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I hope there was something in there that can help you 🙂

Also, as an important side note, you should probably seek out a professional if you are struggling with mental health.

Feel free to share some mental health tips of your own in the comments! I would love to see them 🙂

I Promise I Shall Someday Come to a Decision (by Fall Out Boy)

Hey everyone! My imaginary friend started a blog. He hasn’t really written anything yet, but I promise it’ll be great!

Life, the Universe, and Apple Pie

/\ There. Go follow him.

No pressure 🙂

Serial Story Update (since I know you’re all so excited):

I am in the middle of a meeting with the muses and soon we shall be decided about a topic. Currently the choices are between:

1. One of the books in my fantasy series: Forest of Secrets

2. My camp nano july project from last year, Timely Gifts

3. Something completely made up just for you guys 🙂

Anyway, thanks for reading and I promise I’ll be back soon with a longer and more important post.

Ciao for now


Farewell to School


Farewell school.

You have been a burden pleasure.

With you I have finished my childhood, and now I must move on in life. I will look back on you in fondness as the days when I could just sit back and imagine what it was like to grow up, when I would complain about having to do schoolwork and wonder why anyone would even want to go to college, but this is the end. I’m not coming back. I’m saying goodbye.

Farewell school.

I won’t miss all the hours spent crying over algebra or the forced literature guides or the callus on my ring finger from having handwritten so many three-point paragraphs. I won’t miss required reading for history which gave me an intense dislike for reading for a very long time.

Farewell school.

I will miss the times exploring my interests, when I would draw people or dragons and turn them in as schoolwork, when I would write novels for NaNoWriMo and count that as english even though the finished products were absolute traitors to grammar. I will miss the freedom of homeschooling.

Farewell school.

I feel like my love of learning came too late, and sometimes I wish I could do it all again just so I could actually appreciate everything my mother tried to teach me as an obstinate fifth grader. I would appreciate the literature guides, the essays, and the history lessons. Gosh, I’d probably even enjoy math (though there is no assurance that I wouldn’t cry again).

Farewell school.

Despite these sentiments, I am glad to say I am finished. Hindsight is twenty/twenty, but the road of life only goes straight forward. Here is where we go separate ways, you to some other child who will probably hate you until it is time for you to go, and me to my future; wherever that leads.

But know this:

If it wasn’t for you, I never would have made it this far.

So, thank you.

and farewell.



Tigerzzz Studios

This month, Tigerzzz Studios turns two!

Most of you have no idea what Tigerzzz Studios is, but that’s okay. I am here to edjubacate you.Tigerzzz Studio Blog.jpg

Around two years ago, I discovered (or at least came to terms with) my horrible fashion sense when I walked around with a clip on tie attached to my Easter dress. I don’t remember exactly how it went, but someone (quite possibly myself) mentioned that I should start a fashion show called “Coordinating with Catherine”. A little while later, sometime in April, we filmed our first episode using my mom’s eight year old digital camera and Window’s Movie Maker. Take a moment and shudder at the horrible quality we were working in then.



So we thought of what to call our newly formed movie studio. It took us a while, but in a stroke of genius, we decided to rearrange the letters of our last name. Anagrams are great things so we discovered that “Regitz” spelled backwards is “ztiger”. Switching the “z” to the end gave us “Tigerz”, and since we decided to make our emblem a sleeping tiger, we added two more “Z”s on the end. So that is how Tigerzzz Studios began. I drew the tiger icon on our marker board, and to this day, I believe, it still has not been erased. However, there is a large chance that I am wrong. I’m just too lazy to go downstairs to check at the moment.

I decided to do one “Coordinating With Catherine” a month. We used to send the videos in an email to everyone we knew, but the third episode was too long to upload to an email, so we convinced our mom to let us get a YouTube channel. So we’ve had our YouTube since July of 2015.

Over these years we have created many movies. Some were incredibly stupid *ahem* banana split *cough cough*. Some were very popular (almost two hundred views on a few of them), and some were not. However, the point is that we had a lot of fun making them.

In an effort of self promoting Just for fun, I will give you a list of my favorite videos made by me, or my sister (or sometimes by both of us):

Misson Unlikely is probably my favorite.

This is a very useful guide for those of you who have brothers addicted to the Xbox.

And this is a playlist of all the Jolly Olly videos. I have no idea which is my favorite 🙂

The Get Better Well Hospital. I had nothing to do with the creation of this one and I nearly burst a gut laughing when I first watched it.

Enjoy watching! (though you don’t have to if you don’t want to)

Let me know which video is your favorite, especially if it didn’t make my list!

Have a wonderful day!


The Perks of Working at Chick-fil-A

Well hello everyone! I know I have not been blogging regularly, and I blame that on my new job which involves me woking 20-some hours a week, and with at least ten hours to go to sleep every night (I am an insomniac so I need more time than most people to get in my eight hours), it leaves me 70 or so hours in which to get my eating, writing, schoolwork, reading, binge-watching, and procrastinating done.

So I have been working at Chick-fil-A , for a little over a week, having started last Thursday, and I am here to tell you why it is an awesome place to work!

Note: this list is in no particular order, and is not completely serious. Just for fun 🙂

  • It’s a job! It’s better than sitting at home
    Photo on 3-26-17 at 6.49 PM
    I bought this! Reason #1: it was on sale. Reason#2: I have money now:)

    everyday spending many hours hours a week staring at the computer screen… And it also means I’m able to afford certain things I’ve been wanting to get;)

  • Extroversion practice! If you’re a hardcore introvert like me who can go days without talking to their best friends and not feel withdrawn or anything, you will definitely be astounded at the amount of extroversion you have to exhibit on a daily basis.
  • It’s a small world! Even though I do not live in the south, the phrase “Everyone works at Chick-fil-A” still applies. Really. Two people who I am graduating with work there, a guy who teaches at my co-op, and my horse riding teacher from when I was twelve. Also, a lot of familiar people come to the restaurant. I’ve seen people from my co-op, LBC, and other people I recognize.
  • Everyone who works there is incredibly nice. They seem happy to have me around. Maybe it’s because my social anxiety has disappeared, but I think it’s also because everyone there is very kind and patient.
  • Development of upper body strength! No kidding. It takes a lot of arm strength to refill the lemonade and tea cannisters, and to bring the buckets full of those beverages out to the front of the store, not to mention scooping ice…
  • A new vocabulary! Now, on a daily basis, whenever someone says “thank you” I will automatically reply with “my pleasure”. Not to mention a repeated use of “I can serve the next guest”, “May I refresh your beverage?”, and “thank you”.
  • Lip reading. There are a ton of people in the restaurant on a daily basis (especially saturdays. Yikes!), and therefore there is a lot of noise, which means you have to speak louder, and for some reason, the guest doesn’t get the memo, so you have to interpret what they’re saying by reading their lips.
  • Time-management becomes a new priority. Needless to say, I no longer have time to procrastinate on pinterest, so instead I spend that time reading or catching up on my science. And it’s also forcing me to realise that I can’t really have spontaneous get-togethers with my friends. They need to be planned out at least a week in advance so I can ask for time off of work.
  • Discounted food!!!! Although the one downside of this is that my sister is craving Chick-fil-A on a daily basis, and is constantly demanding me bring her home everything from a chicken sandwich to a frosted strawberry lemonade (which is amazing). Between a pregnant woman and my sister craving food, I know who would win.
  • Seriously though. Try the frosted strawberry lemonade. It is to die for.

And this concludes my list :). Have a great day!

*quickly reads over post one time before publishing because Sundays are precious to the Chick-fil-A employee and I relish all the free time I can get*

God bless!


Just what I’ve been up to :)

So I realised I haven’t written anything in two weeks….whoops.

What have I been doing in this absence?

Well, not writing for one.

I spent a good amount of time stressing about my exam for my psychology class, but I passed my exam with an A. Yay! First college exam passed, umpteen more to go…

Then, I started orientation for my new job at Chick-fil-A, which was a week long process, and tomorrow I go in for my first day of work where I will be trained on service. Also, I spent a good amount of time trying to figure out how to hem my uniform pants which came a little too long for me. I spent nearly all afternoon accomplishing that task because my sister (who is the sewing expert) is in Oklahoma right now visiting our cousins.

Speaking of Vick, it’s very nice to have our room all to myself so I can make a mess and not get yelled at. 🙂

Okay, okay. I’m not making that big of a mess. Currently, most of the mess is me rearranging my closet. It’s a very time consuming process involving me rereading old writing (which includes explosive laughter*, embarrassment, and a lot of nostalgia), throwing bucket loads of stuff away (literally), and making “coming of the closet” jokes every time I have to leave to stretch my legs.

Cleaning the closet also gave the opportunity to listen to a lot of music. I tend to listen to it as an album since James (my iPod) doesn’t have an auto play feature on YouTube and can’t download Pandora or Spotify. So far I have listened to: “No Sound Without Silence” by The Script (10/10. Fav song: Superheroes), “How to Save a Life” by The Fray (8/10. Fav song: How to Save a Life), “Blurryface” by Twenty One Pilots (11/10. Fav Song: all of them), “Vessel” by Twenty One Pilots (12/10. Fav song: Guns For Hands and basically all of them), “Vices and Virtues” by Panic! at the Disco (9/10. I’m a P!atD fan by osmosis**. Fav song: House of Memories or Always You (or whatever it’s called))

I also happened to rearrange my bookshelf and discovered I own over 100 books (but I want more…), which makes me feel accomplished as a bookworm. 😀

Yesterday was Pi Day, renamed by me as Pie Day. So, I made Pie. I spent the evening on monday making an apple and lemon merengue pie (I also learned how to spell merengue as I texted my sister for the recipe), and know why I’m in service and not in culinary for my new job because I have terrible cooking habits. We had the apple pie for breakfast, then went outside to shovel the ten inches or so of snow we got the night before. Then for lunch we had chicken pot pie, and supper consisted of shepherd’s pie and the lemon merengue pie. And nobody celebrated pi. We just celebrated pie for it is worthy.

Also, an interesting realisation I had: so this week is spring break at the college I am taking my psychology class at, and it also happens to be the only week it really snows in our area. Confusing much?

Yep. So that is what I have been up to. Nothing too important. Just rambling. I’m hoping on posting some writing in the next week, but no promises.

See ya’ll later!


*I accidentally tore a page out of a notebook by laughing so hard. **It happens when you are stuck in a car with your Panic! obsessed friend and they just got four of their albums for christmas and therefore that’s the soundtrack for the entire car ride.

A Reluctant Gryffindor


I have only been in the Harry Potter fandom for a little over five months so, like a true fan, I decided I needed to know my Hogwarts house.

While reading the books, I fell in love with Hufflepuff. Everyone made fun of them, calling them stupid without any brains, and that made me feel sorry for them, and very defensive. Then we meet Cedric Diggory who is a true Hufflepuff with a sense for fairness, even though he’s competing against Harry in The Goblet of Fire, but also with ability, seeing as how well he succeeds in the Triwizard Tournament. After him, we also meet Tonks who is incredibly talented and fun (and made it onto my favorite character list).

I decided I belonged as a Hufflepuff because when faced with the choice between Bravery, Cunning, Knowledge, or Loyalty as a defining trait, Loyalty is my first choice. I’m not the greatest friend material, but I try, and I’m not exceptionally hard working either, but I try as well. Seeing as how the sorting hat doesn’t sort you just based on how you are but also on how you will be (how Neville came to be a Gryffindor), and also takes your opinion into consideration (the reason why Harry ended up in Gryffindor too), I was certain I was one.

Then I took one of those online sorting quizzes. Nothing official, since I didn’t want to make a pottermore account at the time, but it sorted me into Gryffindor. I was shocked because all my answers seemed to be far from the ‘brave’ option. When faced with a challenge, my initial reaction is to flee first and fight as a last resort.

Finally, a couple weeks ago, I finally decided I was going to try an official test. I created the account on Pottermore, and desperately hoped it would get me right.


Gryffindor_crest.pngI was sorted into Gryffindor again, and there was nothing I could do to change it.

Now, I know it’s just a test and Hogwarts isn’t real so I shouldn’t get too worked up about it, but it really got me to thinking. Everything happens for a reason, so what was my reason for being sorted into Gryffindor?

I thought I belonged in Hufflepuff. Their traits are Loyalty and Hard-working. I thought this was me because I wasn’t intelligent like a Ravenclaw (although I like books), or cunning like a Slytherin, or brave like a Gryffindor. I thought of all the times I was afraid to speak my mind, or all the times I was too scared to do something.

But then I remembered all the times I had done things I had been afraid to do.

Someone once told me that I was an inspiration to them by the way I tried to do things that were hard for me. The instance he was talking about was the time I was climbing a tree and failing miserably. I required assistance eventually to get into the tree, and assistance to get back down. I didn’t even realise that was me being brave by trying again and again.

Then another time, someone said I was ‘determined’. I was doing something I didn’t like to do, but refused to give up, even thought I was being physically challenged beyond anything I had done before.

Lastly, one of my fears is a very specific High Ropes Course. I did it once and swore I would never do it again, but a year later, I was the very first person to go on it (not of my own accord. It was my climbing buddy who volunteered to go first so I was dragged along). I did it, and still hated it, but the fact that I faced my fear now gives me encouragement.

There are so many other instances that I was reminded of while writing this that I will not bother to write down. But they caused me to realise:

I belong in Gryffindor. I am a reluctant Gryffindor, and probably will always be so because part of my heart is in Hufflepuff. But I know there are reasons that I need to be in this house.

Perhaps I need to be in Gryffindor because I require reminders that I am brave and persevering when I want to give up.

I need to be reminded that I am not something to be undermined and left ignored.

I need to remember what makes me strong, and not forget the people who showed me what I need to remember.

God causes all things to happen for a reason. Not only have I been sorted based upon how I am, but I have also been sorted upon who I can be.

And technically I’ll be able to punch someone for saying mean things about a Hufflepuff, because that’s what Gryffindors do:D

Two Amazing Things I Discovered This Week

Just in the past week, I discovered two amazing things. Now, I do not mean “discovered” in the “just found” sense. Instead I mean it in the sense that “I finally figured out what they were and checked them out”. I am renowned for being behind the times: first by catching the tail ends of all the fads as a kid, and now (as an older kid) not knowing about social media and books and movies until a good while after they were popular (although to be fair, I knew about Pokémon Go from the start, but that’s certainly not my most proud achievement in life), and don’t even check them out for months after that.

So, the first thing I discovered was Goodreads. I don’t even remember when I did or what compelled me to check it out (this is why I need to remember to journal every day instead of once a week. The problems with being messy and forgetting where I put my diary #thestoryofmylife).

Anyway, I had heard of it several times over the past few years, most of it from all the blogs I was reading. I didn’t quite understand what it was for and frankly I don’t like social media (which it kinda is), but I decided to create an account and figure out what I didn’t already know about it. I found it to be amazing!

In the past five or six days I’ve had it, I’ve already finished three books (and probably would have finished a fourth, but I happen to be reading three books simultaneously and I have to spend my time evenly divided amongst them lest they feel neglected) all thanks to their virtual bookshelves where I’m able to keep track of what I’m reading, and what I want to read. I, being the disorganized slob that I am, love this because it appeals to my bookish organisation side (Yes, bookish organisation is a thing and it is separate from all other forms of organisation because it’s the only one I have. As a kid I would be forced to clean my room but I would willingly rearrange every single bookshelf in our house). It reminds me which books I’m reading because I am notorious for not finishing books because I forget about them (sorry Les Mis. I promise I’m not ignoring you). And, it makes going to the library a lot easier because I can remember what books I want to read instead of trying to remember my memory, which is as unreliable as Dory’s.

On Saturday, I discovered the second thing: Spotify.

I’ve also heard of Spotify over the past year or two, but never really paid it much heed because it’s one of those newer apps I cannot download on my iPod (Sorry. I love you James, but you’re just kinda old). I like listening to music as I write, and in the past I’ve used iTunes, Pandora, and YouTube. Then I walked downstairs two days ago(I don’t remember why. it probably was nothing important) and noticed my brother on Spotify on the computer. “You can get it on the computer?” I asked. He told me you can, so I went upstairs and got it on the laptop (after making sure it was free). It’s awesome, and very well designed (to my untrained eye). Yes, it plays ads after every four songs, but that’s really not that bad, and it has almost every single song on there, although they don’t have a few of my favorites, such as “That’s my Jam” by Relient K and Owl City, “Ready, Aim, Fire” by Imagine Dragons, “Senbonzakura” by Lindsey Stirling, and “Iris” by Sleeping with Sirens. Now, the last two are covers, so I can understand why they’re not on there, but the first two? seriously! They’re the best songs ever!!

And, Spotify allows you to create playlists. I’ve always wanted to make a few for my books, but in order to create them on YouTube, you have to have a channel, and I don’t want to make my personal google account into a channel, so I hesitated. So now a few of my books have Spotify playlists, although they are private because I’m embarrassed by their small sizes of about four songs each (and because half of those four songs are by Imagine Dragons. My characters seem to relate too much to “Demons” and “Who We Are”, as well as a slew of others). Also, Spotify has “explicit” labeling on their songs that are inappropriate, unlike Pandora and YouTube. So, although I will continue to use Pandora and YouTube to discover new songs, this is a wonderful addition to my music feed (and not just because it enables me to listen non-stop to Imagine Dragons {note the Hamilton reference that reveals what else I listen to on here}).

So there you go, the two awesome things I discovered this week. This should be the part where I recommend them to everyone else, but since mostly everyone I know has them, this will be the part where I tell everyone that I caught up with them:

EVERYONE, I have caught up with you!

And if you haven’t checked these things out, please do! Also check out my favorite artists mentioned above: Relient K, Owl City, Imagine Dragons, and Lindsey Stirling. They’re amazing, and don’t you dare believe otherwise or I’ll…well, I don’t like making threats since I usually don’t carry them out.

Goodbye, everyone.

Merry Almost Christmas!