April Camp Nano Project + I need your opinion :)

Sorry for being really inconsistent with keeping up with my blog and posting on a regular schedule I bet no one missed me, so I might as well resume my posting starting off with what has been keeping me absent, and I’ll finish up with a question for all you wonderful people out there who read my blog!

Besides work, school, psychology exam (I passed!), preparing for the Goldstone Wood Fanart contest, chicken pox, life, and procrastinating in general, most of my time has gone towards working on my Camp Nano project. It’s unofficially titled “The Shark Story” even though, funnily enough, there are no sharks in my fantasy world (emphasis on fantasy). 

The Shark Story is a novel that I’ve been writing off and on since I was thirteen. The main character is a boy named Piper (named before I realised that Piper is actually a girl’s name…) and he stows away on a ship and becomes a pirate. It follows him growing up as a pirate, and documenting the various choices he makes in his life, some good, some bad, and basically I don’t want to tell you any more or I’ll spoil the book.

Also, since I pants most of my novels, there isn’t much more to it than the basic plot (which was written down when I was fifteen and hasn’t changed much since), so I don’t have anything to spoil you with…

The question that is probably on your mind right now: If it’s about Piper and pirating and there aren’t any sharks in your obviously fantasy world, why is it called the Shark story?

Well, there is a secondary character who ties this story into my master series (see this page for more clarification because I’m not going to explain it here) and his name is Shark. Shark is short for something that I forget. I’ve been avoiding the story he first showed up in for a reason. Also, I love my secondary characters so much, it’s no surprise that I would name an entire novel after one of them.

Now, the next question you should be asking is: How is it going?

Heheh…not well. You would think that when I was ill with the chicken pox earlier in the month and therefore free from college attendance and working I would have spent more time on my writing. I can’t remember what I did with my time, but it wasn’t spent working on my nano project. I lowered my wordcount from 50k to 30k and I’m at 18k right now and I’m scared that I might not finish.

And, because this is a rough draft, I can justify making up words and inserting notes in the document so I can boost my word count:

“Men, we have a mission to complete within the next two months. There is a fleet of ships from the country of Not Armilos (please think of name) that will be sailing through the western ocean…”

(I wouldn’t mind some imput on what to call the country because all of a sudden I can’t call it anything but Not Armilos in my head and it’s driving me nuts)

I know this is probably a boring post since I’m not really talking about plot or characters, but here’s some excellent cover art designed by my best friend, with a very unofficial title (though it is accurate, I guess).

The Shark Story.PNG
Designed by Wyn E. Owens

So now for the fun(ish) stuff.

I’ve been wanting to write a serial story for some time, but I can’t decide if I’ll do one or not because I know I will never be able to live up to amazing stories like Tried and True or Blank Mastermind. I have a few ideas and was planning on asking you guys which story you wanted, but then I realised I need to find out if you even want me to do a serial story.

Just let me know what you think! I will listen to all your wonderful opinions.

Would you like it if I wrote a serial story


Thanks for reading!

Have a great day 🙂



The Perks of Working at Chick-fil-A

Well hello everyone! I know I have not been blogging regularly, and I blame that on my new job which involves me woking 20-some hours a week, and with at least ten hours to go to sleep every night (I am an insomniac so I need more time than most people to get in my eight hours), it leaves me 70 or so hours in which to get my eating, writing, schoolwork, reading, binge-watching, and procrastinating done.

So I have been working at Chick-fil-A , for a little over a week, having started last Thursday, and I am here to tell you why it is an awesome place to work!

Note: this list is in no particular order, and is not completely serious. Just for fun 🙂

  • It’s a job! It’s better than sitting at home
    Photo on 3-26-17 at 6.49 PM
    I bought this! Reason #1: it was on sale. Reason#2: I have money now:)

    everyday spending many hours hours a week staring at the computer screen… And it also means I’m able to afford certain things I’ve been wanting to get;)

  • Extroversion practice! If you’re a hardcore introvert like me who can go days without talking to their best friends and not feel withdrawn or anything, you will definitely be astounded at the amount of extroversion you have to exhibit on a daily basis.
  • It’s a small world! Even though I do not live in the south, the phrase “Everyone works at Chick-fil-A” still applies. Really. Two people who I am graduating with work there, a guy who teaches at my co-op, and my horse riding teacher from when I was twelve. Also, a lot of familiar people come to the restaurant. I’ve seen people from my co-op, LBC, and other people I recognize.
  • Everyone who works there is incredibly nice. They seem happy to have me around. Maybe it’s because my social anxiety has disappeared, but I think it’s also because everyone there is very kind and patient.
  • Development of upper body strength! No kidding. It takes a lot of arm strength to refill the lemonade and tea cannisters, and to bring the buckets full of those beverages out to the front of the store, not to mention scooping ice…
  • A new vocabulary! Now, on a daily basis, whenever someone says “thank you” I will automatically reply with “my pleasure”. Not to mention a repeated use of “I can serve the next guest”, “May I refresh your beverage?”, and “thank you”.
  • Lip reading. There are a ton of people in the restaurant on a daily basis (especially saturdays. Yikes!), and therefore there is a lot of noise, which means you have to speak louder, and for some reason, the guest doesn’t get the memo, so you have to interpret what they’re saying by reading their lips.
  • Time-management becomes a new priority. Needless to say, I no longer have time to procrastinate on pinterest, so instead I spend that time reading or catching up on my science. And it’s also forcing me to realise that I can’t really have spontaneous get-togethers with my friends. They need to be planned out at least a week in advance so I can ask for time off of work.
  • Discounted food!!!! Although the one downside of this is that my sister is craving Chick-fil-A on a daily basis, and is constantly demanding me bring her home everything from a chicken sandwich to a frosted strawberry lemonade (which is amazing). Between a pregnant woman and my sister craving food, I know who would win.
  • Seriously though. Try the frosted strawberry lemonade. It is to die for.

And this concludes my list :). Have a great day!

*quickly reads over post one time before publishing because Sundays are precious to the Chick-fil-A employee and I relish all the free time I can get*

God bless!


Quest for the Fire Eyes

A few days ago while checking the forums on NaNoWriMo, I discovered this thing called a “goal tracker” and I decided to use it because, why not? Using this tool, I made a goal of editing and finishing (yes, I still haven’t finished it yet) a novella I started two years ago, although currently it is the length of a novelette, but who pays attention to those kinds of things? #notme

The working title is “Quest for the Fire Eyes”, which I literally just came up with five seconds ago.

And here is a blurb I came up with on the spot too:

Legend has it that the Snowbirds are the heralds of death. They come to unsuspecting creatures in the night as an omen of their passing life. 

Emera, a white pelted vixen, knows of the Snowbirds. One appeared on the night her mother died and now the entirety of her kingdom believes her to be cursed. She wonders if the rumors are true for she sees a Snowbird on the first day of every season. Perhaps it is merely a figment of her imagination for she has not died yet. However, when the bird begins to speak, sending her on a mission to save her father’s kingdom, she finds herself on an adventure that could mean either life or death for not only her but an entire race of foxes.

Here is the first chapter or so. Please enjoy, although it’s fine if you don’t. Let me know what you think!

The moon, sovereign of the night sky, shone sliver upon the freshly fallen snow; a blanket of silence over the wintery world.

The bird flew low, just above the surface of the snow. Her shadow traveled beneath her as a quiet companion on this solitary journey. She had left the tree filled world behind her, and was now nearing the end of this long journey, yet she was not tired. This bird was special, spectral, and on a mission.


South and West of the bird’s route stood a castle. A king and queen dwelt there, a pair of foxes. At this moment, late in the evening, the entire castle was awake, but quiet; waiting. The queen, a fair vixen of dark fur, closed her radiant blue eyes in pain, and leaned her head back against her husband. The king was red furred, and wise in his ruling. He gently tried to comfort his wife in this moment of pain, his kind heart feeling the agony as keenly as a knife.

The bird continued on, straight towards her destination, never slowing, never stopping.

A gentle knock upon a door caused the king to look up.  “Who is there?” He inquired. Long ago he had sent all the servants away, and he trusted that none of them would interrupt him. Perhaps he was wrong.

There was no answer to his inquiry. The room was dark except for a glow coming from the fireplace, and a candle upon the bedside table, but they were not enough to drive away the shadows. Then the king looked at the pale stream of moonlight coming from the balcony. The curtains had been pulled aside, and were blowing in the chill breeze. The king did not remember leaving the door open, and felt fear. The breeze became a sharp wind, and it blew its icy breath into the room. The king looked closer at the open doorway. There was a shadow.

The bird stood there, her plumage glowing snowy white despite the moonlight at her back. She was half the size of a fox, with a round head, delicate pointed beak, and soft black eyes. Her wings were folded up to her body. Softly, the breeze ruffled her feathers. A more observant mind would have noticed she was flesh and bone, but the king recalled a legend he had grown up hearing. The snowbirds were said to appear in the darkest part of night. They came to animals who would soon die. Not only were they spirits of the underworld, couriers to death, they also were known to place curses upon unsuspecting animals. The king did not know whether this was true or not, for no one had ever lived long enough to say otherwise. Even still, he drew the queen closer to him in an effort to keep the ominous creature away. The bird stepped closer to the foot of the bed. The king did not know what to do. His queen seemed to be oblivious to all that was going around about her. Her eyes were still closed, and her breathing was labored, her pain almost too much for her to bear. Then the bird spoke.

Her voice was deep and smooth like honey. She spoke slowly, with deep feeling. “Fear not, Ellon. Fear not, Inda. The child you are about to bear is special. She will have a hard life, but perseverance will be hers, for she shall have the blessing of the snowbirds upon her. Keep her safe and close to thine hearts. Love is the greatest gift thou can give her. That is all I have to say to thee.”

Queen Inda opened her eyes, having noticed this night time visitor, and beheld the snowbird.

The bird turned gracefully, and took off through the open door, the curtains fluttering in her wake. Then the glass paneled doors slid shut, back to where they were before this whole encounter. King Ellon was not sure if it was naught more than a dream.


Emera first noticed how different she was from other foxes when she was ||| four years old.

Her favorite haunt was a hollow between two roots of the great oak tree at the far end of the courtyard behind the castle. Ever since she could walk she spent most of her time outdoors unless it was snowing or raining, although that did not always halt her journeys towards the tree. One day, the first one of spring, she was sitting beneath the tree, comfortably settled between the two roots. She had brought her lesson book as something to entertain herself, but it laid unopened by her side. She had other things to do. The courtyard was under spring’s awakening spell. Flowers pushed up between patches of melting snow, and the trees were beginning to show evidence of buds. Emera looked up into the branches, hoping to see if any of the blossoms had appeared yet, and saw a pure white bird looking down at her.

It was so pretty Emera couldn’t resist staring at it in awe. The bird stared back at the little white fox with the bright green eyes, her gaze steady and unwavering. It was not the glance of a common dumb animal, but the look of a wise creature. Emera wondered if she could speak.

Emera finally got up. She ran towards the castle. “Korin!” She cried out as she scrambled over the low wall into the garden, headed straight for the castle. She raced around between the hedges to the last known location of her friend, whose name she was still calling.

“What do you want, my princess?” The owner of that name replied. Korin turned a corner and princess Emera ran right into him.

Korin was a strong young fox of red fur. Emera had to lean her head far back in order to meet his gaze. He looked down at the princess with friendly brown eyes.

“There’s a really pretty white bird! Come see!” Emera skipped off back towards the tree. Korin had no choice but to follow.

Emera sat down once again in her hollow, and looked up. Her smile of excitement was dissolved and her brow creased with worry. “It left,” she said disappointedly.

Korin sat down next to the princess. “That’s alright. Birds do tend to fly off.”

“But it was so pretty!”

“That doesn’t prevent it from moving,” Korin replied.

Emera, suddenly seized by a question, turned to look at her friend. “Don’t they say you see a white bird before you die? A white bird appeared to my mom the day before she died. Does that mean I’m gonna?”

“No,” Korin replied, laughing. However, his laugh was hollow. “No. It’s just a rumor. No one knows for certain that your mother saw one before she died. Besides, where did you hear that?”

“I dunno. I think I heard Edna discussing it with Marty.”

“It’s just rumors,” Korin replied, quickly looking around for signs of the cook or the gardener that Emera had mentioned, “and rumors are hardly ever true.”

“I definitely saw one though,” Emera replied. “I guess we’ll just have to see if I die or not.” She stood up and skipped off, apparently unconcerned by this omen. Korin returned to his duties in a much less carefree manner.

Seasons passed, and the princess grew older. She was observant, and so she noticed on the first day of every season a white bird appeared in the boughs of the oak tree above her hollow. When Emera was seven, in the summer season, she tried to convince Korin to sit with her beneath the tree to wait for the bird. None showed up. Eventually, Korin had to go, and, as soon as he left, the bird appeared.

It seemed that the bird only came for Emera. It was watching her.

December Goals (and NaNo report:D)

I am freaking out right now. December?? Can it be??!? It snuck up on me without announcing itself, which means now I have to quickly get in the Christmas spirit and find presents for everyone *internal screaming while I maintain a calm exterior*.

Also, since November is over, it is now time for me to announce my goals for December. This probably doesn’t interest anyone, but I like doing it because I have a reputation to uphold and that (no surprise) is a serious motivator.

So, my goals for November were simple:

No. 1: nanowrimo_2016_webbadge_winner

Do NaNoWriMo. Yep. Complete. I got to 50k on the seventeenth, and slowly worked my way up to 70k over the next 13 days. #laziness.

But, in a way I failed. I do not think I will be posting any excerpts from this novel on here. I have vowed to ignore this book for the next seven years, and that means no one will be reading it, and I am perfectly okay with that.

However, on another note, I came up with a semi-permanent title for my novel. The Novel of Unnamed Proportions. Doesn’t it sound lovely?

No. 2:

Have my birthday (why did I make this a goal?). Yeah. I did that. Turned seventeen years old, and as an added bonus I got my driver’s license the day after! 😀

No. 3:

Work part time on my other novels/stories.

I wanted this to happen soooo bad, but it didn’t. 😦 I wrote an approximate seven sentences on other works.

But that will change!!!

Now for my December Goals:

Goal Uno:img_3889

Last month has shown me which stories I truly care about.

Timely Gifts, I love you and I miss you and I am sorry for neglecting you for these past four months *sniff*. I will write more of you this month.

I also have a novella I’ve been working on for two years which is begging for an ending. It might be a potential serial story…we will see.

Goal Two:

Actually share some of my writing on this blog. I have a Christmas short story that I wrote last year that will be perfect. A little Christmas present for my potential readers 😀

Goal Three:

Finish that Harry Potter review. I should have incentive now that I can also add my opinions on the movies in there.

And no optional goal this time, except for getting Christmas presents for people which really shouldn’t be optional at all.

Thank you for reading, I hope I didn’t bore anyone…

Merry Christmas!


A Tip on How to Succeed at NaNoWriMo

I don’t usually consider myself experienced enough to do “how-to” posts since first off, I’m not experienced at much, and second off, I don’t like being blamed if my advice doesn’t work for the person I gave it to. but, I am doing a how-to post right now because I guess I have something to say on this subject.

So, enough with my apologies and self-criticisms.

Those of you who are doing NaNoWriMo, or who write in general, have probably come across a little person in your mind known as “The Inner Editor”. This person can take many forms. It can be your imaginary friend, your worst enemy, or a little voice sitting on your shoulder telling you that you spelled the third word in your seventh sentence completely wrong, and sometimes doesn’t tell you how to fix it because they don’t know how to spell it either. My Inner Editor isn’t entirely active in my life, but his name is Kyle and, despite being a bit of a tart when he sees the red underline under my words, he’s a really great guy because he doesn’t mind me using British spellings because he thinks they’re cool too.

Ideally the Writer and the Inner Editor should get along (and sometimes they do), but in the case of many people this November, the Inner Editor gets in the way of cranking out those 50,000 words by demanding perfection.

Now, since the Inner Editors have been addressed, I shall introduce you to my one tip on how to succeed at NaNoWriMo:


Yes. I know that sounds brutal, but I know some of you want to do it. So, do it. It’s not like the Inner Editor is a real person, especially if they take the form of something like a dragon or a shoulder devil. I mean, a lot of writers kill characters all the time. Just so long as you don’t murder a real person, you’re okay. So, yeah. get out your writing weapons and do the job. Maybe write down its death scene like a ballad of the heroes of old who have slain their dragons since that’s pretty much what you just did.

But if you are a little unwilling to get blood on your hands:


There are other ways to do it. Such as banishment for the rest of the month, or some bribery. Promise them that they can come back at the end of NaNo to help you edit your finished novel to their heart’s content. Or, if you and your Inner Editor already have an estranged relationship, just ask it to politely leave or take a vacation. Kyle and I did that, and our friendship is healing because he’s beginning to see that I actually do appreciate him when I have to edit my blog post and I call him over to help. (Yes, he’s helping me right now. He’s caught about seven spelling mistakes and one misplaced apostrophe so far).

So, yeah. This has been fun and please don’t take my advice unless you are willing to suffer the consequences if it fails, although if it doesn’t fail and my advice helps you: yay!!! I may be a useful person after all! 😀

*goes to raid the freezer for some ice cream because I’m insecure and I care what people think(><cue song=”Stressed Out”><)*

Best wishes,


November Goals

So, last month I gave myself a few goals to complete. Here I am today to tell you if I did them or not.

First: I challenged myself to outline, or set a few checkpoints, for my novel. I will say I completed this one. I still am not entirely certain where the plot will go, but I have a few ideals in mind that will hopefully keep my imagination in check.

Second: I challenged myself to worldbuild for this novel. Yes. I certainly completed this one. While I don’t have nitty gritty details down like commerce and monetary value and all those other bothersome things, I’ve got down what the world looks like, basic government, country names…etc.

Third: I said I would write a book review for Harry Potter. It’s…coming along. I actually completely forgot about this one until about a week ago. I got all my ideas out onto paper, just now I have to structure it and edit it (the horrors).

Fourth: The challenge was to outline Days of Deception. I did not even work on this at all. I didn’t forget about it, I just didn’t do it.

So, now I am here to write down my goals for November. They shall be simple.

Goal 1:

NaNoWriMo. Complete it. Write 1,667 words a day (or more!) and hopefully have a finished novel at the end, or at least some good excerpt scenes I could post on here. Or maybe a title. My novel still needs a title, well, an official title. it’s called “Emile is Awesome” on my document, “SciFi Story” in my writing notebook, and “Novel Title” on NaNoWriMo’s website.

Goal 2:

Have my birthday. Yeah, this is a pretty easy one for me since it will happen whether I want it to or not.

and for my optional one:

Goal 3:

Work on some more writing. Last year I cheated on my NaNo novel by writing a fairy tale retelling for no reason other than I was in a writing mood. So maybe I’ll do it again this year and try to finish one of my unfinished stories. such as that fairy tale retelling that is the sequel to the one I worked on last year…

We shall see if I am able to complete these goals this month. I look forward to this challenge.

Until later,


Noveling the Plantsing Way

Oh my gosh! October is almost over! Only one more week (or less?) until November! My favorite month!

Why is November my favorite? Well, there is my birthday, but NaNo came along last year and made it so much better. I mean…who wouldn’t want to dedicate an entire month to writing 1,667 words a day with the hopes of reaching 50,000 words by the 30th? (Don’t read that sarcastically, because I was being completely serious)

While my first NaNo novel isn’t presentable, (I haven’t read it since I finished writing it on November 29, 2015), I’m hoping this year’s novel will be. All the first drafts that I have completed using NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo are worse than the ones that I would take years on, but the awesome thing about this program is that I am able to get so much writing done in one day, and it leaves me feeling confident in my abilities.

And…I am so excited because they created the plantser badge! Traditionally, I am a pantser (meaning “flying by the seat of your pants”–not the other thing). But, after diving into my first NaNo novel (having signed up two days before november 1st) I decided that I needed to be more planned. However, I am against declaring myself a planner because that goes against my moral code of flexible schedules, impulsive writing, and spontaneous creativity. When I first thought of the idea for this new novel and was deciding how far to go with prewriting, I was intending on not planning it out because I wasn’t about to become a planner. Then I discovered I could be a plantser (planner+pantser) while looking at the self-achievement badges for this year. Congratulations to me! I can be both! Compromise for the win!

b (^-^) d

Sorry this post is short (this is literally being written at the last minute(I’m pantsing it)). I’m not bothering to explain NaNo because I think most people are familiar with it. So if you have no idea what it is (because this post certainly doesn’t help), I strongly recommend that you look it up (there’s plenty of information out there already), and if you are already doing it…YAY!!! Can we be buddies? My user name is PWhite1021 (nod to my old pen name). Please feel free to add me. I promise I won’t think you’re a creepy stalker person. Unless you are (but that’s a whole other bowl of bananas), and let’s conquer 50,000 (or more) words together!