Here is a little section for you to view what I’ve written and am planning on writing, though none of these stories are published yet. I have a lot of stories in my head and on paper. But, I hate editing so it will probably be a while before any of them are published.

I’m terrible at writing blurbs, but I will try to describe each story as best as I can. Links will be provided to pinterest boards and spotify playlists when applicable. Sorry if they are not as complete as some. I’m working on them very slowly.

All titles not followed by an asterisk “*” were created by Wyn E. Owens and not me. I can’t title.

My Major Series

No. This does not have a title. Yet.

There are six books so far in this series, and someday I will finish editing and rewriting all of them.

They are all fantasy stories (with a dash of mystery, interdimensional travel, and piracy). They happen in a world called Armilos, spanning several hundred years. They are not written in and shall not be published in chronological order.

Days of Deception–This is my first ever novel, written when I was 12-14. The first draft is terrible–featuring no plot, no worldbuilding, terrible dialogue, and cardboard characters who all act like thirteen year old girls no matter their age or gender. In the edited version, this is the story of three boys who find themselves in a fantasy world, thrust in the middle of an adventure. There are talking foxes and worldwide deception (hence the title). I know it sounds boring, but I promise it’s not. Well, it might be… Pinterest board

Lord From the South–This is a sequel to Days of Deception, and may be the reason why I now hate sequels. This one needs even more work than Days of Deception. In all of its unedited glory, this is the story of a girl who comes to Armilos about four years after the conclusion of the first book. A royal wedding is about to take place, but then there is a kidnapping, and the girl and her new friends (who are all beloved characters from the first book) set off to rescue the kidnappees, and there is a bit of romance (more than the first book) and a few dragons. We shall not talk about it though. Instead we will pretend that it doesn’t exist.

When Truth is Lost–This is probably my favorite of my finished works. Set approximately 200 years before Days of Deception, this is a murder mystery (of sorts). I’m not very good at the suspense and what not, so you kinda know whodunit and howdunit about halfway through the story, but the rest of it is fun times spent foiling an evil plot and matchmaking. Don’t worry though, the romance in this one isn’t as bad as it is in Lord From the South. Pinterest Board

Queen of the Aindol*–I’m still on the first draft of this story and I’m stuck. I have been for over a year. I just can’t do battle scenes and there’s been so much other important stuff that I can’t take time to research…anyway, i love this story. It’s about someone who gets caught up in the midst of a civil war. This happens long before even When Truth is Lost takes place. There’s plenty of fun stuff in this one. Death, heartbreak, war, tragedy, love (again, why?), and I’m trying to weave in themes of how-do-you-know-you’re-on-the-right-side and stop-being-so-racist. Not to mention Telanin-is-my-precious-baby-don’t-hurt-him. Pinterest board

Forest of Secrets*–This one is in the same process of drafting that Queen of the Aindol is in: I am stuck. I have a character who isn’t working for me and I want to literally set him on fire and sic a pack of wild wolves on him. Anyway, besides that, this is the story of a girl who is a messenger, set some fifteen or so years after When Truth is Lost (but it is not a sequel. I swear) who stumbles across a message not meant for her. This one is dealing with themes of feminism (and how it is needed in this world) and girls-don’t-need-to-fall-in-love-to-be-happy.

The Shark Story* (Working Title)– I’ve had this story in my mind and on my heart for four years. It’s a pirate story, and I love it soooooooooo much. This is my current project (for Camp NaNo 2017). It’s about a boy who stows away on a ship and joins a pirate crew. He grows up and I follow how his decisions and his environment shape his life (can’t wait to use my psychology knowledge here), and then I bring in a foil character as the protagonist for the last half of the book and show how the two of them are the same, and yet so different. Pinterest Board Spotify Playlist


Other Novels

The Logan* (working title)–I wrote this for my very first NaNo in 2015. It’s the story of a girl who goes to Ocean City, New Jersey to work/volunteer for a few weeks at a hotel. She learns a few things about herself and becomes closer to God in the process. This is my first attempt at historical fiction (yes, the Logan actually existed. Really wish it still did…) and I’ve only looked at it once since writing it during that month. Someday I might go back and finish it.

Timely Gifts–This still has not been completed. I started it for July Camp NaNo 2016, and only got 26,000 or so words in (which was my goal because I was busy that month). I’ve written barely anything since then. It’s about a boy who goes off to this special school for people who can do what he does–time travel. Then he meets a girl who isn’t what the rest of them are. As they both struggle to find out what she really is, they uncover a sinister plot against their kind and answers to their questions. There’s a bit of romance in this book (you’d think I wouldn’t do this, wouldn’t you?), and a few dragons. I’m trying to find a way to make the dragons have a bigger part in the plot, but since Osmar and Miyoko are my OTP, I don’t think that’s going to happen… Pinterest Board

Though All the Earth(working title)–This one is based off of about ten of my dreams all smushed together to make some sort of futuristic fantasy story thing. My project for Nano 2016, I certainly wrote a lot of it. But, of course, I still haven’t finished it. This is the story of a boy who is selected to become one of the next guardians of the city. Then, through a serendipitous set of circumstances, he becomes part of a secret ring of conspirators conspiring to keep the country from harm. Stopping biological warfare, figuring out whodunit, and foiling arranged marriages are just a few of their escapades. Pinterest Board Spotify Playlist

Novellas and Short Stories

Quest for the Fire Eyes*–This is a novella I’ve been working on for a gosh darn long time. Still haven’t finished it, though I did get a good amount of editing done on it. I posted the first few parts on my blog: Part 1, part 2

The Perfect Christmas*–This is a short story that is romantic (blech) but since it’s with one of my OTPs, I couldn’t help but write it. In case if you can’t tell, it’s christmas themed. Spotify Playlist

Fairy Tale Retellings–So these are more of novellette length. I’m taking a bunch of fairy tales and making them related, happening in the same world and with the main characters being either a prince or a knight in service to some king (his name and whatnot tbd). The first one is a genderbended Beauty and the Beast (Sorry if it seems like I’m copying off of the rest of you who start your fairy tale retellings off with Beauty and the Beast. I wrote this one back in 2015, long before I ever entered the blogosphere or my internet addiction). The second one is a sleeping beauty retelling where -plot twist- sleeping beauty is evil and should not be woken at any cost! I’m still working on this one. The third is a retelling of The Goose Girl and is a little too complicated to explain in one sentence. Then there’s my cinderella retelling that currently exists in short story format because of a writing class.  Pinterest board

Snow White Retellings–i am currently writing two of these for the Five Poisoned Apples contest. The first is the story of Rowena, a girl with black skin and white hair who can talk to dragons, and how she tries to keep her stepmother from destroying the entire population of dragons. Along the way, she is hunted by a prince who is hoping to regain his father’s respect who travels with a dragon who can time travel. Pinterest board

The second novella is about Crystal, a girl whose life was suddenly turned upside down and she finds herself in this old town alone with no friends. But then she begins to make new friends, but doesn’t realize that some friendships can be more toxic than poison.

pinterest board Spotify Playlist YouTube Playlist (this one has Forest by tøp and the piano version of This is Gospel, therefore, it is better)