Why are you here? Oh. Right. You want to know who I am.

Alright. I’ll oblige.

My name is Catherine, or Cath, for short. I am tallish (for a girl), 18 years old, wear glasses, have an affinity for graphic tees and sweatshirts stolen from males.

Ok. I realised you’re probably never going to meet me in real life so my physical description and clothing choices don’t really matter all that much. 

I also want people to like me because of who I am as a person, and not what I look like.

So, I know my blog is called “Write Whatever”, but writing is one thing I have not been doing very much of lately. I still love it, but I think I’m being called in a different direction. I am pursuing a career in psychology, because I believe in helping others, especially if we’ve been through similar situations. I’m in the process of thinking up a new title for my blog, but while that’s still in limbo, I’m planning on using this to just talk about my life, my obsession with books, and share some writing or poetry, whenever I happen to do it.

This blog is a mess, just like my life, but hey. Messes can be beautiful too.

thanks for stopping by!