April Camp Nano Project + I need your opinion :)

Sorry for being really inconsistent with keeping up with my blog and posting on a regular schedule I bet no one missed me, so I might as well resume my posting starting off with what has been keeping me absent, and I’ll finish up with a question for all you wonderful people out there who read my blog!

Besides work, school, psychology exam (I passed!), preparing for the Goldstone Wood Fanart contest, chicken pox, life, and procrastinating in general, most of my time has gone towards working on my Camp Nano project. It’s unofficially titled “The Shark Story” even though, funnily enough, there are no sharks in my fantasy world (emphasis on fantasy). 

The Shark Story is a novel that I’ve been writing off and on since I was thirteen. The main character is a boy named Piper (named before I realised that Piper is actually a girl’s name…) and he stows away on a ship and becomes a pirate. It follows him growing up as a pirate, and documenting the various choices he makes in his life, some good, some bad, and basically I don’t want to tell you any more or I’ll spoil the book.

Also, since I pants most of my novels, there isn’t much more to it than the basic plot (which was written down when I was fifteen and hasn’t changed much since), so I don’t have anything to spoil you with…

The question that is probably on your mind right now: If it’s about Piper and pirating and there aren’t any sharks in your obviously fantasy world, why is it called the Shark story?

Well, there is a secondary character who ties this story into my master series (see this page for more clarification because I’m not going to explain it here) and his name is Shark. Shark is short for something that I forget. I’ve been avoiding the story he first showed up in for a reason. Also, I love my secondary characters so much, it’s no surprise that I would name an entire novel after one of them.

Now, the next question you should be asking is: How is it going?

Heheh…not well. You would think that when I was ill with the chicken pox earlier in the month and therefore free from college attendance and working I would have spent more time on my writing. I can’t remember what I did with my time, but it wasn’t spent working on my nano project. I lowered my wordcount from 50k to 30k and I’m at 18k right now and I’m scared that I might not finish.

And, because this is a rough draft, I can justify making up words and inserting notes in the document so I can boost my word count:

“Men, we have a mission to complete within the next two months. There is a fleet of ships from the country of Not Armilos (please think of name) that will be sailing through the western ocean…”

(I wouldn’t mind some imput on what to call the country because all of a sudden I can’t call it anything but Not Armilos in my head and it’s driving me nuts)

I know this is probably a boring post since I’m not really talking about plot or characters, but here’s some excellent cover art designed by my best friend, with a very unofficial title (though it is accurate, I guess).

The Shark Story.PNG
Designed by Wyn E. Owens

So now for the fun(ish) stuff.

I’ve been wanting to write a serial story for some time, but I can’t decide if I’ll do one or not because I know I will never be able to live up to amazing stories like Tried and True or Blank Mastermind. I have a few ideas and was planning on asking you guys which story you wanted, but then I realised I need to find out if you even want me to do a serial story.

Just let me know what you think! I will listen to all your wonderful opinions.

Would you like it if I wrote a serial story


Thanks for reading!

Have a great day 🙂



16 thoughts on “April Camp Nano Project + I need your opinion :)

    1. Seeing as how it’s a book about xenophobic unicorns and flabbergasted porcupines fighting against the patriarchy, I think you’re a bit off the mark there. 😉
      lol. Jk. It’s an awesome cover 🙂


      1. Now that is a book I’d like to see…
        And thank you! I was quite pleased with it myself. Especially the transparent effect on the ship. Alas, I cannot take credit for the awesome background photo… it’s so beautiful and I absolutely love it.


      2. I’ll have to write it sometime.
        I know! I want to fangirl over it just as much as I fangirl over Halt, Sunan, or Puddleglum, but I guess it’s bad form to fangirl over your own stuff…


  1. If you need help with names, I’m here for you!
    As for Camp NaNo… hehehehhhh… I started out with 40,000, dropped to 30,000, then 25,000, then 20,000, stayed at 15,000 for a while, then finally capitulated to reality and set it at 2,500 (the five hundred is to challenge me). And since I’m a little under halfway there… heh. I plan to make one final, desperate gasp after my final desperate gasp to finish my works for the Goldstone fanart contest… and hopefully i’ll manage to succeed in both.
    And you know my feelings about serial stories and what story you should do ;)…


      1. Well, considering that I have a dude in one of my stories named ‘Erin’ I’m not really one to judge. And anyway, it’s another world. What may be a girl’s name in ours might just as well be a boy’s name in theirs!


      2. Eh. Being forgotten is problem good for him–he needs to get off his high, self-absorbed, grumpy horse.


  2. Aw, hey. The last thing I was trying to do with that was discourage other people. And I thought I could never live up to Twinepathy or The Firewall Saga at first. Give it a whack, kiddo. -thumbs up-


  3. Ooh good luck with the serial story! I did that on wattpad for a while a few years ago and it was REALLY fun and also helpful getting instantaneous feedback! Also sadness about being sick. D: I understand how hard it is to write while being sick though…ggh, way too hard for me. The fact that you got anything done is amazing!! *gives you cake*


    1. I know writing a serial story will be fun, though I just have to think of a topic now that I finally have time to write. I have a list of at least fifteen I could do and there are pros and cons with each of them and I don’t know what to do…I will drown in indecision someday.
      Thanks for the cake! I love cake. Thanks for commenting too!


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