Just what I’ve been up to :)

So I realised I haven’t written anything in two weeks….whoops.

What have I been doing in this absence?

Well, not writing for one.

I spent a good amount of time stressing about my exam for my psychology class, but I passed my exam with an A. Yay! First college exam passed, umpteen more to go…

Then, I started orientation for my new job at Chick-fil-A, which was a week long process, and tomorrow I go in for my first day of work where I will be trained on service. Also, I spent a good amount of time trying to figure out how to hem my uniform pants which came a little too long for me. I spent nearly all afternoon accomplishing that task because my sister (who is the sewing expert) is in Oklahoma right now visiting our cousins.

Speaking of Vick, it’s very nice to have our room all to myself so I can make a mess and not get yelled at. 🙂

Okay, okay. I’m not making that big of a mess. Currently, most of the mess is me rearranging my closet. It’s a very time consuming process involving me rereading old writing (which includes explosive laughter*, embarrassment, and a lot of nostalgia), throwing bucket loads of stuff away (literally), and making “coming of the closet” jokes every time I have to leave to stretch my legs.

Cleaning the closet also gave the opportunity to listen to a lot of music. I tend to listen to it as an album since James (my iPod) doesn’t have an auto play feature on YouTube and can’t download Pandora or Spotify. So far I have listened to: “No Sound Without Silence” by The Script (10/10. Fav song: Superheroes), “How to Save a Life” by The Fray (8/10. Fav song: How to Save a Life), “Blurryface” by Twenty One Pilots (11/10. Fav Song: all of them), “Vessel” by Twenty One Pilots (12/10. Fav song: Guns For Hands and basically all of them), “Vices and Virtues” by Panic! at the Disco (9/10. I’m a P!atD fan by osmosis**. Fav song: House of Memories or Always You (or whatever it’s called))

I also happened to rearrange my bookshelf and discovered I own over 100 books (but I want more…), which makes me feel accomplished as a bookworm. 😀

Yesterday was Pi Day, renamed by me as Pie Day. So, I made Pie. I spent the evening on monday making an apple and lemon merengue pie (I also learned how to spell merengue as I texted my sister for the recipe), and know why I’m in service and not in culinary for my new job because I have terrible cooking habits. We had the apple pie for breakfast, then went outside to shovel the ten inches or so of snow we got the night before. Then for lunch we had chicken pot pie, and supper consisted of shepherd’s pie and the lemon merengue pie. And nobody celebrated pi. We just celebrated pie for it is worthy.

Also, an interesting realisation I had: so this week is spring break at the college I am taking my psychology class at, and it also happens to be the only week it really snows in our area. Confusing much?

Yep. So that is what I have been up to. Nothing too important. Just rambling. I’m hoping on posting some writing in the next week, but no promises.

See ya’ll later!


*I accidentally tore a page out of a notebook by laughing so hard. **It happens when you are stuck in a car with your Panic! obsessed friend and they just got four of their albums for christmas and therefore that’s the soundtrack for the entire car ride.


4 thoughts on “Just what I’ve been up to :)

  1. You’re cleaning the closet!! I love you! (Not that I didn’t love you before…*cough*)
    That is so weird because on Pi Day here in OK we also had lemon merengue pie, apple pie, AND chicken pot pie. However, unlike you, we did celebrate pi. I think I won with knowing the most numbers; happening to have the first twelve memorized 😜
    Have fun without me while u can! Haha 😄


  2. I much prefer your way of celebrating pie day. Who cares about math?
    And going through your old stuff is always fun, though I always have trouble throwing things away (Viking hoarding tendencies poking through). Good luck on your job today! I’ve been thinking of you. Also, and this is completely random, but whatever font you’ve been using for this blog makes your smiley faces look epic. Just saying.


    1. I have hoarding tendencies too, but that’s only because I’m part dragon. I don’t have viking blood. sadly.
      Thank you! My job went great today! A lot of standing and a lot of talking to people, but I can stand it.
      I have no idea what font I’m using, but I could tell you what it is if you want…


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