Movie Review: Sing

Hello folks and welcome to my first movie review on this site! I wasn’t planning on reviewing this movie (I wasn’t even planning on seeing this movie) but since I have several strong opinions after watching this, I might as well share them.

Sing is a children’s movie, and I agreed to see it because I do have a high love and respect for movies in this genre, especially after re
cent successes like Zootopia, or Inside Out. It is a cute story about a koala with big dreams who is trying to bring his theater back to popularity with a singing competition. 

Notes: I will try to keep this review spoiler free. Also, I don’t remember character names from just hearing them, so there might be a few characters referred to by completely incorrect names.

What I liked

-the world. I love anthropomorphic animal societies and my initial thought was that this was going to be like Zootopia, but it was unique in its own way.

-I love the main character, Mr. Moon. This is surprising Image result for sing the moviebecause I do not usually like the main characters, but this koala basically stole my heart. Ever since he was a little kid, he has loved the theater, and the movie starts off with him wallowing in the problems of accumulated failure. The bank is at his throat, his previous patrons will not sponsor his shows, and he doesn’t know what to do. However, unlike most characters in this situation, he is not a scrooge character: borrowing money left and right, swindling his friends, penny pinching, forgetting his childhood dreams…etc. Instead, his dreams are big like his heart, and he decides to put on a singing competition with a monetary reward, hoping to draw in the crowds and restore his theater’s fame. He’s incredibly nice to the other characters, and inspires them to keep going and invests in their talent.

-I love the main message. This movie shows people that they can achieve their dreams at any age, in any situation of life. The motley crew of characters consists of everything from an angsty teenage porcupine, to a motherly pig with twenty-five children (#relatable). They follow their dreams of singing, they discover what they excel at, they improve as characters, and they conquer their fears.

-Most of the characters. I love Rosita and her desire to sing despite raising her twenty-five piglets, Meena and her totally relatable stage fright, Ash and her desire to be a singer and songwriter despite her controlling boyfriend, Johnny and his dreams conflicting with his desire to please his father, and the iguana lady just for being endearing with all her quirks (and I love Moon’s relationship with her). 1481710815_sing-movie.png

However, sadly, the cons outweigh the pros.

What I absolutely did not like


*spoilers begin. Read at your own risk*

I. HATE. THE. MOUSE. I do not remember his name and I do not wish to because I want to forget that he even existed. I am usually a loving and understanding person, especially
when it comes to less than perfect characters. But, after watching this movie I came home and said with absolute conviction that I would murder that mouse with my bare hands if he even so much as came a mile near me. He was a JERK from his first scene to his last scene. He starts off playing his saxophone on a staircase, his case open. Someone generous throws a penny into his case. The Mouse reaches to grab the penny and indignantly yells “A Penny? This is it?” (that might not actually be what he said, but that’s the gist).

In the end, he makes the very nice monkey (I think it was a monkey) turn out his pockets and practically robs him of a large sum of money, just because he believes he’s entitled to everything based on his skills. Then while in the competition, he hears everyone else singing and is constantly yelling at them and tells Meena the elephant that she has no talent (although he hasn’t heard her sing), so he decides that the competition money is as

images (1).jpeg
Look at the evil monster

good as his and buys a fancy car and a membership to a nightclub, gets a girlfriend, and basically wreaks havoc. In the end, the only reason why he decides to participate in the competition(when there was no prize money offered) was because he wanted to prove that he was better than Rosita and Gunter.

*end spoilers*

-Failed storytelling. Stories are very hard to write. Any writer knows this. I try not to pass judgement on other stories because I know I could not do better. However, I know there were several things lacking which could have very easily been fixed. Basically: THE STINKING MOUSE’S REDEMPTION STORY. He had SO MUCH POTENTIAL TO TURN GOOD!! Think about it: he’s rude in the beginning. A good story would have that change when he realizes that other people have talent too. He’s incredibly greedy and surrounds himself with things that make him feel good. He should have had a moment where he loses everything and realizes he’s been doing everything wrong the entire time. I KNOW DOING THINGS LIKE THAT IS TOTALLY CLICHE BUT BETTER CLICHE THAN NARCISSISM! This movie completely decided to ignore his potential by making him a rude narcissistic rodent in the beginning, and an even ruder narcissistic rodent in the end, and I do not use the term “narcissism” lightly, folks. THIS IS NOT GOOD STORYTELLING, PEOPLE!!!

-Another complaint is that they did not have a message against lawlessness. Johnny, the singing gorilla, is part of this gang led by his dad and a bunch of other gorillas. It is apparent that he doesn’t want to be in the gang, but it isn’t because he thinks it’s wrong, it’s because he wants to sing. He doesn’t seem to ever learn that stealing is wrong, although he does have a wonderful character that makes it into my pros list.

-And a very tiny insignificant reason: I did not like the songs they chose. They sang popular songs that I don’t like. They sang Firework (don’t like it), Shake It Off (hate that song), and Call Me Maybe (hate that song too), and at the rehearsal Johnny sang All of Me (love that song) but he didn’t sing it in the end performance although they sing Shake It Off in the rehearsal too and it makes it into the end show. Why? And they also sing part of Hallelujah, but don’t sing that for the end performance either. Although, I shouldn’t really be complaining. I’m the one with weird tastes in music.

In conclusion

This movie gets a three out of five star rating (from me).

It could have been a four except for the FREAKING EVIL MOUSE and the otherwise butchered storytelling. However, its main redeeming quality is the overall message (not the submessage about lawlessness) and Moon, who is just my favorite koala ever.

If you’re looking for a good kids’ movie with anthropomorphic animals, Zootopia is your best option, or the Redwall movie/tv shows.


5 thoughts on “Movie Review: Sing

  1. Moon broke my heart, man. I nearly cried over that stupid koala. I actually liked that they didn’t redeem the mouse ;D Sue me. They always redeem the bad characters, it seems, but like… there are some musicians that really do act like that. Gifted people are sometimes jerks and I appreciated that they had that portrayed. ;D Honestly, this was my favorite cartoon movie this year. (Also they played Beatles music and a couple 80’s songs and I adore those songs so my heart was won.)


    1. Moon is the best koala ever and deserves all the tears! 😀
      I know what you mean about not redeeming the mouse. I usually don’t like the cliche where the bad guy turns good, but they didn’t make him an antagonist. It just seemed that they were leading up to a redemption by giving him a spotlight and selfish characteristics common to a redeemable character. So, I guess kudos to them for not going with the cliche.
      And yes. Old music is the best!

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  2. I haven’t watched the movie, so all I can say is I love how the koala sounds, and if I met that mouse I would probably hate his stinkin’ guts.
    And finally, YES WATCH REDWALL!!!!!!!!! That series was like half my life when I was a kid (still would be, if I hadn’t lost my collection of the novels when we moved. The box is lurking in the attic SOMEWHERE, and someday I WILL FIND IT and then spend like three weeks reading them all through twice)


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