Quest for the Fire Eyes pt. 2

Okay, I am not planning on making this story into a serial. I’m actually planning on publishing it (starting small so I can test the waters, as it were) so I don’t want to necessarily put it all on here. However, I will be giving you guys a little more so as to make you give me money when I finally publish it so as to satiate your desire to finish be nice and …generous…

haha. I am actually doing this because I really have nothing else to do. I’m in the process of participating in a group project for my Psychology class (look at me. taking a college course. I’m so grown up), and we only have two weeks to prepare, and now the presentation is coming up in two days. Hashtag this is causing me a lot of stress. I just cant take the time writing something profound or exciting.

So instead of me talking about boring things like my artistic endeavors or my complaints with the world, you get some more Quest for the Fire Eyes. Just after I stop all this talking.

Emera knew it was silly to insist that the bird was real. No one believed her. She knew Korin was kind, and did not mention to her the fact the he thought her imagination was wild, and because he was her friend, he also kept his opinions to himself and did not gossip like the other staff at the castle. Her father had dismissed these visions as a fancy of the young vixens mind.

Emera was now thirteen years old. Every season since her fourth spring, the bird had appeared. She knew it was the same bird because of the way it looked at her. It never talked, although the look in its eyes proved ||| it could, and Emera was merely waiting for the moment when it would speak.

When she was not sitting under the tree waiting for the bird, Emera was off attending to her studies or she was pestering Korin.

Korin was a simple palace guard, oft absent from his duties as his services were rendered unto the princess. Emera treated him as a big brother almost as often as her best friend. She confided in him and was constantly following him around. He was sixteen years her elder.

Emera was in the garden one afternoon, stretched out upon the low wall between the garden and the courtyard. She looked downwards at a climbing plant with bright flowers in a trumpet shape. The star pattern inside set it apart and made it her favorite. She loved the stars. The vole gardener, Marty, had said it was a Morning Glory. She had almost tripped over him while she inspected the blossoms a couple seasons ago. Voles were usually much smaller than foxes, thus explaining her clumsiness. She often didn’t pay much attention to where she was going.

Emera was bored. The flowers could only do so much to lift her spirits. The fall breeze made her sleepy, but she could not sleep. She wanted to explore, but she had already travelled every single corridor in the castle, climbed every tree in the courtyard, and smelled every flower in the garden. She wanted to do something exciting.

An idea rushed into her head, taking only a moment for her to label it as a good one. She jumped up and raced to find Korin.

Korin was on duty, and Emera found him right outside the door to the throne room. “Korin!” She exclaimed breathlessly. “Can you take me to the town?”

Korin shushed her, then looked at her curiously. “Why do you want to go there?”

“I’ve explored everything in and around the Castle. I’m tired of it! I’ve looked out upon the town from the windows, but I want to go out there and actually experience it and explore!”

“You will have to ask your father.” Korin replied, his voice much softer than the princess’s.

“He wouldn’t mind so long as you are with me.” Emera looked up at him with hopeful eyes.

“Your majesty, would you allow me to finish one shift without having any interruptions? The captain doesn’t take too kindly to my absent records.”

“Oh. I am sorry,” Emera apologized, her face falling into a frown. Korin had become much more critical of her antics now that she was older. “Will you take me after your shift if father says yes?”

“I would be honored.” Korin replied.

Emera scampered off, hopeful because of his promise. She spent this time waiting in the castle, exploring the halls some more, even though she knew them by heart, although she usually confined this exploration to rainy days when she could not be out in the garden, or pestering Korin. At one point she had found a picture of her mother. It was a full length portrait in a hall lined with paintings of ancestors gone by, none of which she recognized. Her mother looked regal, her dark fur sleek, and blue eyes bright. She was a rare beauty. “The only fox in all of our kingdom with a pelt that color,” her father had explained once when they stood looking at the picture together. The queen in the portrait wore a golden circlet upon her head. A green stone was set in the front. Emera always got the feeling that her mother was looking at her with those radiant eyes. She had never known her mother, and this picture felt like the only connection between them. “I’m going exploring with Korin today,” she told her mother, as she stood before the portrait once more.

Her mother did not answer, but Emera did not care. She skipped off.

Emera kept on returning to the throne room door to see if Korin was done. Finally, his shift ended, around the fifth time Emera checked on him. “Let’s go let’s go let’s go!” Emera said.

“Remember, only if he says yes,” Korin replied, hoping she hadn’t forgotten about asking permission.

Emera dashed out of the wide doors and across the courtyard which was dim in the evening light. She always knew where her father was at this time of night. He kept to a regular schedule, and was predictable in almost everything he did. That was why she was scared that her father would not give her permission. Emera slid through another door at the other end of the courtyard, ran down a hall, and skidded to ||| a halt in front of an ornate mahogany door, and discreetly knocked, her heart beating quickly, a little nervous at facing her father.

“Come in,” the king invited, his voice muffled by the door, but still discernible.

Emera entered the room, while Korin remained behind, although she left the door open for when he decided to follow her.

The king stood in the massive library, a book held between his fingers. He turned and beheld his only child, closing the book and placing it on a nearby table. He looked old. His muzzle was snowy white, and his ruddy fur was taking on a roan color. His eyes were loving and sad, but a smile greeted his daughter. Despite his attempts to appear happy, joy was not in his smile, and that made Emera feel sorry for him.

“Father,” Emera began, pushing aside her feelings. “Would you permit me to go into town?”

“What would you do there?” The king inquired, his face betraying no surprise, although this was the first time Emera had ever spoken of visiting the village.

“Look around, see what life is like outside this castle,” Emera answered, hopeful for his approval.

King Ellon sighed. “Are you still seeing the birds?”

“The bird,” Emera corrected. “Yes father. But that has nothing to do with—

“No, Emera I think it would be best for you to remain here until you are old enough.”

“But I would not be going alone!” she protested. “I would take Korin with me. He’s already agreed.”

Are you certain you can trust him?” Ellon inquired, his worried expression at the talk of the bird fading into a smile.

“Why do you doubt it?” Emera replied, catching the teasing In her fathers tone, barely able to suppress a grin of her own.

“I guess you could go then,” Ellon replied, reopening his book.

“Thank you father!” Pure joy flooded her face ,”I’ll get Korin and we can go right now!”

“Whoa!” Ellon cautioned, drawing his eyes away from his book at this rash decision by his daughter. “it is quite late out and there would be nothing to see. Wait until tomorrow.”

“But Korin will be on duty tomorrow!” Emera pointed out, suddenly crestfallen at this turn of events.

“I can give him a day off.”

“But the captain of the guard will surely fire him!” Emera cast a glance back at her friend, suddenly scared that her decision to go out had cost him his employment.

“I’ll see to it that he won’t, her father promised.

“Thank you!” Emera curtseyed where she stood, then exited the room, shutting the door behind her.

She decided to make up for lost time by deciding what she was going to do on the morrow.

okay, I hope you guys liked that. 🙂 I know this scene doesn’t really further the plot, although it leads up to one that does. It might eventually go as I rewrite this story.

Thank you for reading and let me know what you thought of it!


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