Being Crafty

I have realised that in the recent weeks (basically ever since Christmas) I have not been working on much writing aside from two scenes I wrote to conceptualize some characters for a fairy pirate idea I got several months back.

So, what have I been doing since then?

I have not been completely lazy in this time. I’ve only been on Pinterest my normal amount…(hahah…should probably cut down on that addiction).

Instead, I’ve been busy being crafty!  My artistic side has been on the back burner since I turned fifteen and only shows up on weekends and holidays, such as the week before I am required to create presents for the people I care about.

Before Christmas, I crocheted a whole ton of amigurumi Pokémon. Five in total, and barely making my deadline–finishing Squirtle seconds before we opened presents.

I made a Charmander, a Pikachu, an Espeon, an Eevee, and the aforementioned Squirtle for my younger siblings (most of them). Here are a few pictures (apologies for the bad quality):

Eevee (with Espeon in the background)
Pikachu (with a Vicky photobomb)
Jolly Olly cuddling his Squirtle (right) and Bewear (left)

Bewear was possibly my favorite Pokémon that I made, although he was completed sometime after Christmas, and finished on the exact same day I gave it to my friend. I’m all about finishing things on the day of their deadline!

If you want patterns, please let me know and I think I’ll be able to come up with something. I’m horrible at writing my patterns down because I make them up as I go.

Stufful is my new favorite Pokémon. Just do a google search and die from the cuteness

And while we’re talking about Bewear, here’s an adorable picture my sister, Margaret (recipient of the Espeon) age 7, drew of Bewear’s original form, Stufful. She’s quite the aspiring artist. The box under his name is a tree branch, there are leaves sticking out and everything. At least, that’s how it was explained to me.

Now, on to the next craft I made while in my crafty mode! While out yarn shopping in preparation for these Pokémon, nearly a month back, I decided I wanted to img_4435make a Hufflepuff scarf, and therefore prepared by buying a whole pound of yellow and black (those big skeins come in handy all of the time, and add considerably to the ever growing yarn stash). For about a month I’ve been looking at patterns, and in the end decided to borrow ideas from a few places and combine them to make my own unique scarf. Most of my inspiration came from this post, although I could not find it when I began this project so I did not follow it in any aspect other than doing the Tunisian crochet (which I accidentally taught myself five years ago (yes it was an accident)).

I love it because it’s really long and it’s HUFFLEPUFF!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a proud Hufflepuff, and you should be too!

Don’t worry, this long and show-offish post is almost over. There is just one more thing I need to show you guys.

So, I don’t draw often. My artistic faucet has been dry recently, but it decided to turn on at seven in the evening on Tuesday and I got this masterpiece:

The words on the side say “Partners in Time”

*whispers* isn’t it lovely?

Haha. Yeah. My drawing skills aren’t the greatest, but I am extremely proud of how both of them turned out. I’m usually horrible at drawing proportionate bodies, although I’m fairly certain their heads are too big. Oh well. We can’t expect to have our cake and eat it too…

Here is Miyoko colored in (it looks better in real life)

So, brief explanation of this picture (it’s not completely random). These are my two favorite characters in  Timely Gifts, my time travel novel. No, they are not my main characters. I never like my main characters. This might be a problem. Their names are Miyoko and Osmar. Miyoko is a girl from the future (cannot remember exactly how far) and Osmar is a boy from the past and is a squire before he finds out he can time travel and is sent to the University of Time Travel (UTT). He and Miyoko are my OTP and I accurately titled this piece “Partners in Time”. I feel so clever sometimes.

Anyways, This is the end of this post. Let me know which of the Pokémon you like the best, what Hogwarts house you’re in, and/or if you are able to draw appropriately proportioned human beings(I’m desperate to learn your secrets)!


6 thoughts on “Being Crafty

  1. Nice job on the crocheting!! (Yes, my photobomb was quite nice, wasn’t it??)
    I personally don’t like Pokemon, and I’m a ravenclaw through and through! (Despite the fact that I haven’t read the books yet. That is on my pile of summer reading…)
    And when I draw, I usually only draw heads, so my proportionate bodies don’t have much practice 😜


  2. My favorite pokemon is tied between the Pikachu and the bewear. They’re both so cute!!!!
    I love the scarf but I’ve never read Harry Potter, so I don’t know what I’d be in.
    I hope I draw proportional bodies at least most of the time, but sometimes I mess up, so I can’t really offer much advice on that point.
    And the pic is amazing! Osmar’s divine gloriousness shoots out towards me! (lol)


    1. I think you would either be a Gryffindor or a Hufflepuff, most likely a Gryffindor.
      Your drawings are pretty good, and rather proportionate in my opinion 😀
      Thank you! It certainly does. He is a pillar of gloriousness 🙂


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