Two Amazing Things I Discovered This Week

Just in the past week, I discovered two amazing things. Now, I do not mean “discovered” in the “just found” sense. Instead I mean it in the sense that “I finally figured out what they were and checked them out”. I am renowned for being behind the times: first by catching the tail ends of all the fads as a kid, and now (as an older kid) not knowing about social media and books and movies until a good while after they were popular (although to be fair, I knew about Pokémon Go from the start, but that’s certainly not my most proud achievement in life), and don’t even check them out for months after that.

So, the first thing I discovered was Goodreads. I don’t even remember when I did or what compelled me to check it out (this is why I need to remember to journal every day instead of once a week. The problems with being messy and forgetting where I put my diary #thestoryofmylife).

Anyway, I had heard of it several times over the past few years, most of it from all the blogs I was reading. I didn’t quite understand what it was for and frankly I don’t like social media (which it kinda is), but I decided to create an account and figure out what I didn’t already know about it. I found it to be amazing!

In the past five or six days I’ve had it, I’ve already finished three books (and probably would have finished a fourth, but I happen to be reading three books simultaneously and I have to spend my time evenly divided amongst them lest they feel neglected) all thanks to their virtual bookshelves where I’m able to keep track of what I’m reading, and what I want to read. I, being the disorganized slob that I am, love this because it appeals to my bookish organisation side (Yes, bookish organisation is a thing and it is separate from all other forms of organisation because it’s the only one I have. As a kid I would be forced to clean my room but I would willingly rearrange every single bookshelf in our house). It reminds me which books I’m reading because I am notorious for not finishing books because I forget about them (sorry Les Mis. I promise I’m not ignoring you). And, it makes going to the library a lot easier because I can remember what books I want to read instead of trying to remember my memory, which is as unreliable as Dory’s.

On Saturday, I discovered the second thing: Spotify.

I’ve also heard of Spotify over the past year or two, but never really paid it much heed because it’s one of those newer apps I cannot download on my iPod (Sorry. I love you James, but you’re just kinda old). I like listening to music as I write, and in the past I’ve used iTunes, Pandora, and YouTube. Then I walked downstairs two days ago(I don’t remember why. it probably was nothing important) and noticed my brother on Spotify on the computer. “You can get it on the computer?” I asked. He told me you can, so I went upstairs and got it on the laptop (after making sure it was free). It’s awesome, and very well designed (to my untrained eye). Yes, it plays ads after every four songs, but that’s really not that bad, and it has almost every single song on there, although they don’t have a few of my favorites, such as “That’s my Jam” by Relient K and Owl City, “Ready, Aim, Fire” by Imagine Dragons, “Senbonzakura” by Lindsey Stirling, and “Iris” by Sleeping with Sirens. Now, the last two are covers, so I can understand why they’re not on there, but the first two? seriously! They’re the best songs ever!!

And, Spotify allows you to create playlists. I’ve always wanted to make a few for my books, but in order to create them on YouTube, you have to have a channel, and I don’t want to make my personal google account into a channel, so I hesitated. So now a few of my books have Spotify playlists, although they are private because I’m embarrassed by their small sizes of about four songs each (and because half of those four songs are by Imagine Dragons. My characters seem to relate too much to “Demons” and “Who We Are”, as well as a slew of others). Also, Spotify has “explicit” labeling on their songs that are inappropriate, unlike Pandora and YouTube. So, although I will continue to use Pandora and YouTube to discover new songs, this is a wonderful addition to my music feed (and not just because it enables me to listen non-stop to Imagine Dragons {note the Hamilton reference that reveals what else I listen to on here}).

So there you go, the two awesome things I discovered this week. This should be the part where I recommend them to everyone else, but since mostly everyone I know has them, this will be the part where I tell everyone that I caught up with them:

EVERYONE, I have caught up with you!

And if you haven’t checked these things out, please do! Also check out my favorite artists mentioned above: Relient K, Owl City, Imagine Dragons, and Lindsey Stirling. They’re amazing, and don’t you dare believe otherwise or I’ll…well, I don’t like making threats since I usually don’t carry them out.

Goodbye, everyone.

Merry Almost Christmas!



7 thoughts on “Two Amazing Things I Discovered This Week

  1. I love Imagine Dragons! I’ve just started listening to them recently. I’ve never tried Spotify though. I do have youtube and playlists there, but I might have to check it out.


    1. Imagine Dragons! Their songs are so depressingly amazing. Do you have a favorite song?
      I definitely prefer Spotify over YouTube for the playlist option, because I find that YouTube drains my laptop’s battery because it’s playing video and audio at the same time, and I also find the temptation of watching the video (even if it’s just a lyric video) too much for me especially when I’m trying to do something else (i.e. writing). 🙂


    1. Well, you can search any book and when you find it, you shelve it- which is where you click a button and either declare it “read” “to-read” or “currently reading” then you can rate and review books. You don’t actually read the books on the website (although you can buy it through various links), so you have to make a library or bookstore run at some point, but it’s useful. Frankly I’m still trying to figure out how it works too, and I’m not a pro at writing tutorials… hehe…:/


  2. I just recently got a Goodreads account (And when I say recently, I mean recently as in yesterday). It’s pretty cool, and will probably be useful at the end of the year when I have to write up a reading list of all the books I read during the school year. Because I usually forget to make a list. 😉


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