December Goals (and NaNo report:D)

I am freaking out right now. December?? Can it be??!? It snuck up on me without announcing itself, which means now I have to quickly get in the Christmas spirit and find presents for everyone *internal screaming while I maintain a calm exterior*.

Also, since November is over, it is now time for me to announce my goals for December. This probably doesn’t interest anyone, but I like doing it because I have a reputation to uphold and that (no surprise) is a serious motivator.

So, my goals for November were simple:

No. 1: nanowrimo_2016_webbadge_winner

Do NaNoWriMo. Yep. Complete. I got to 50k on the seventeenth, and slowly worked my way up to 70k over the next 13 days. #laziness.

But, in a way I failed. I do not think I will be posting any excerpts from this novel on here. I have vowed to ignore this book for the next seven years, and that means no one will be reading it, and I am perfectly okay with that.

However, on another note, I came up with a semi-permanent title for my novel. The Novel of Unnamed Proportions. Doesn’t it sound lovely?

No. 2:

Have my birthday (why did I make this a goal?). Yeah. I did that. Turned seventeen years old, and as an added bonus I got my driver’s license the day after! 😀

No. 3:

Work part time on my other novels/stories.

I wanted this to happen soooo bad, but it didn’t. 😦 I wrote an approximate seven sentences on other works.

But that will change!!!

Now for my December Goals:

Goal Uno:img_3889

Last month has shown me which stories I truly care about.

Timely Gifts, I love you and I miss you and I am sorry for neglecting you for these past four months *sniff*. I will write more of you this month.

I also have a novella I’ve been working on for two years which is begging for an ending. It might be a potential serial story…we will see.

Goal Two:

Actually share some of my writing on this blog. I have a Christmas short story that I wrote last year that will be perfect. A little Christmas present for my potential readers 😀

Goal Three:

Finish that Harry Potter review. I should have incentive now that I can also add my opinions on the movies in there.

And no optional goal this time, except for getting Christmas presents for people which really shouldn’t be optional at all.

Thank you for reading, I hope I didn’t bore anyone…

Merry Christmas!



5 thoughts on “December Goals (and NaNo report:D)

  1. Ah man I feel your pain, but there is always a new chapter in every book. So have courage! (I will say though, I am, shameful as it is to admit, also behind in getting gifts and am freaking out.)


  2. Great job! And don’t be too hard on your NaNo book. I think it’s great. It needs polishing, of course, but then everything does *thinks of some of my own MSs and shudders*. So I guess I will be reduced to haunting your google docs for that for the next seven years. Ah well. Alas, alas.
    And I can’t wait for you to work more on other projects! Keep it going! The plan for me this month is to get ready for Christmas (mostly in the ‘getting presents’ variety) and continue working on my NaNo novel. Only at chapter 4 out of twelve, so… long, long ways to go yet.


      1. Well, it may be a while until I can send it to you because in order to boost my word count I typed up several scenes I had written as a part of the OYAN curriculum, and those bits are awfully spoiler-y


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