A Song That Speaks to Me

I’m fairly certain everyone listens to music. You know what it is, and probably have a favorite band if not a favorite song (or songs), unless the rock you live under is a lot bigger than mine.

I LOVE music. Now, if you narrow it down, I’m a little more picky. Such as, I don’t like country or rap (although Christian rap is okay), and don’t like listening to classical (playing it is a different matter), and don’t like songs with bad words or “stuff” in them. So, (to talk about what I do like) I like songs with words (and a lot of songs without words, like movie soundtracks and I don’t even know genres, people) and especially like them when the lyrics are deep (and sometimes depressing, although that’s not a must).

Now, to get to my point (yes, there is one): there is a song that really speaks to me in my life right now. To be truthful, there are a lot of songs that do, but this is the one at the front of my brain, and I don’t have to do deep soul-searching for (although that would be fun?).

Before I eventually get to the song in question, I hope you all have heard of Relient K. If you haven’t, we can’t be friends until you listen to at least three (or all?) of their songs and form your honest opinion (we can still be friends if you hate them, just not best friends), and if you have heard of them (and consequently like them), let me know so I can be happy:D

So, the song is “College Kids” by Relient K. This song, if you look at the lyrics, is definitely about kids in the college life (and therefore doesn’t apply to me), but some stanzas form my current motto when people ask me what I’m going to do with my life after I graduate.

Someone please save us, us college kids!
What my parents told me is what I did.
They said go to school and be a college kid,
But in the end I question why I did.

And that’s why I say
Oh no! Not for me, not for me.
Call it torture, call it university.
No! Arts and crafts is all I need.
I’ll take calligraphy and then I’ll make a fake degree.

The reason why this speaks to me:

I do want to go to college, but I’m not entirely certain of what I will do yet. I don’t want to go because my society tells me to (there actually isn’t that much pressure from my mom) and then hate myself if I realise I made a mistake. I don’t feel like I’m ready, and I’m trying to take this one hurdle at a time. First: the scary reality that I will be seventeen in two days. Second: I’m graduating *mental screaming*. Third: *insane mental screaming because someone mentioned college*

Do what will make God happy.
Do what you feel is right.
Only but one thing matters,
Learn how to live your life.

Words to live by 🙂

Thank you for reading! (this was a pantsed post 😉



3 thoughts on “A Song That Speaks to Me

  1. I love that song so much! And i definitely agree with it and you. I have a lot of mental screaming going on these days…. senior-ness is scary


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