A Tip on How to Succeed at NaNoWriMo

I don’t usually consider myself experienced enough to do “how-to” posts since first off, I’m not experienced at much, and second off, I don’t like being blamed if my advice doesn’t work for the person I gave it to. but, I am doing a how-to post right now because I guess I have something to say on this subject.

So, enough with my apologies and self-criticisms.

Those of you who are doing NaNoWriMo, or who write in general, have probably come across a little person in your mind known as “The Inner Editor”. This person can take many forms. It can be your imaginary friend, your worst enemy, or a little voice sitting on your shoulder telling you that you spelled the third word in your seventh sentence completely wrong, and sometimes doesn’t tell you how to fix it because they don’t know how to spell it either. My Inner Editor isn’t entirely active in my life, but his name is Kyle and, despite being a bit of a tart when he sees the red underline under my words, he’s a really great guy because he doesn’t mind me using British spellings because he thinks they’re cool too.

Ideally the Writer and the Inner Editor should get along (and sometimes they do), but in the case of many people this November, the Inner Editor gets in the way of cranking out those 50,000 words by demanding perfection.

Now, since the Inner Editors have been addressed, I shall introduce you to my one tip on how to succeed at NaNoWriMo:


Yes. I know that sounds brutal, but I know some of you want to do it. So, do it. It’s not like the Inner Editor is a real person, especially if they take the form of something like a dragon or a shoulder devil. I mean, a lot of writers kill characters all the time. Just so long as you don’t murder a real person, you’re okay. So, yeah. get out your writing weapons and do the job. Maybe write down its death scene like a ballad of the heroes of old who have slain their dragons since that’s pretty much what you just did.

But if you are a little unwilling to get blood on your hands:


There are other ways to do it. Such as banishment for the rest of the month, or some bribery. Promise them that they can come back at the end of NaNo to help you edit your finished novel to their heart’s content. Or, if you and your Inner Editor already have an estranged relationship, just ask it to politely leave or take a vacation. Kyle and I did that, and our friendship is healing because he’s beginning to see that I actually do appreciate him when I have to edit my blog post and I call him over to help. (Yes, he’s helping me right now. He’s caught about seven spelling mistakes and one misplaced apostrophe so far).

So, yeah. This has been fun and please don’t take my advice unless you are willing to suffer the consequences if it fails, although if it doesn’t fail and my advice helps you: yay!!! I may be a useful person after all! 😀

*goes to raid the freezer for some ice cream because I’m insecure and I care what people think(><cue song=”Stressed Out”><)*

Best wishes,



4 thoughts on “A Tip on How to Succeed at NaNoWriMo

  1. Thank you! I have been struggling with my inner editor, but after reading this, I am inspired to create an armistice with my inner editor (her name is Francis). I have great hopes that it will make a difference! (writing the heroic ballad sounds fun, but I’d feel terrible if I killed her. I have enough character deaths on my hands as it is)


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