November Goals

So, last month I gave myself a few goals to complete. Here I am today to tell you if I did them or not.

First: I challenged myself to outline, or set a few checkpoints, for my novel. I will say I completed this one. I still am not entirely certain where the plot will go, but I have a few ideals in mind that will hopefully keep my imagination in check.

Second: I challenged myself to worldbuild for this novel. Yes. I certainly completed this one. While I don’t have nitty gritty details down like commerce and monetary value and all those other bothersome things, I’ve got down what the world looks like, basic government, country names…etc.

Third: I said I would write a book review for Harry Potter. It’s…coming along. I actually completely forgot about this one until about a week ago. I got all my ideas out onto paper, just now I have to structure it and edit it (the horrors).

Fourth: The challenge was to outline Days of Deception. I did not even work on this at all. I didn’t forget about it, I just didn’t do it.

So, now I am here to write down my goals for November. They shall be simple.

Goal 1:

NaNoWriMo. Complete it. Write 1,667 words a day (or more!) and hopefully have a finished novel at the end, or at least some good excerpt scenes I could post on here. Or maybe a title. My novel still needs a title, well, an official title. it’s called “Emile is Awesome” on my document, “SciFi Story” in my writing notebook, and “Novel Title” on NaNoWriMo’s website.

Goal 2:

Have my birthday. Yeah, this is a pretty easy one for me since it will happen whether I want it to or not.

and for my optional one:

Goal 3:

Work on some more writing. Last year I cheated on my NaNo novel by writing a fairy tale retelling for no reason other than I was in a writing mood. So maybe I’ll do it again this year and try to finish one of my unfinished stories. such as that fairy tale retelling that is the sequel to the one I worked on last year…

We shall see if I am able to complete these goals this month. I look forward to this challenge.

Until later,



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