Noveling the Plantsing Way

Oh my gosh! October is almost over! Only one more week (or less?) until November! My favorite month!

Why is November my favorite? Well, there is my birthday, but NaNo came along last year and made it so much better. I mean…who wouldn’t want to dedicate an entire month to writing 1,667 words a day with the hopes of reaching 50,000 words by the 30th? (Don’t read that sarcastically, because I was being completely serious)

While my first NaNo novel isn’t presentable, (I haven’t read it since I finished writing it on November 29, 2015), I’m hoping this year’s novel will be. All the first drafts that I have completed using NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo are worse than the ones that I would take years on, but the awesome thing about this program is that I am able to get so much writing done in one day, and it leaves me feeling confident in my abilities.

And…I am so excited because they created the plantser badge! Traditionally, I am a pantser (meaning “flying by the seat of your pants”–not the other thing). But, after diving into my first NaNo novel (having signed up two days before november 1st) I decided that I needed to be more planned. However, I am against declaring myself a planner because that goes against my moral code of flexible schedules, impulsive writing, and spontaneous creativity. When I first thought of the idea for this new novel and was deciding how far to go with prewriting, I was intending on not planning it out because I wasn’t about to become a planner. Then I discovered I could be a plantser (planner+pantser) while looking at the self-achievement badges for this year. Congratulations to me! I can be both! Compromise for the win!

b (^-^) d

Sorry this post is short (this is literally being written at the last minute(I’m pantsing it)). I’m not bothering to explain NaNo because I think most people are familiar with it. So if you have no idea what it is (because this post certainly doesn’t help), I strongly recommend that you look it up (there’s plenty of information out there already), and if you are already doing it…YAY!!! Can we be buddies? My user name is PWhite1021 (nod to my old pen name). Please feel free to add me. I promise I won’t think you’re a creepy stalker person. Unless you are (but that’s a whole other bowl of bananas), and let’s conquer 50,000 (or more) words together!


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