My First Book Ever

It’s time for me to show the world some of my writing. Since writing takes time and I like to waste my time, none of my newer projects have been edited, so I decided to start way back at the beginning. And when I say way back, I mean way back. Like back when I was obsessed with horses, wrote several of my letters backwards, and had to ask my mother how to spell words. This is my first story: a tale told in twelve words, three pictures, and vibrant colors that makes no sense at all.

So, without further ado, I give you…

Horsey, Horsey

Oh Horsey Horsey
image (1).jpeg
Oh Horsey Horsey was funny
image (2).jpeg
oh Horsey horsey, Fun

There used to be more pages to this epic story (I know for certain that there was at least one more sentence between pages two and three), but somehow they disappeared. I have no idea how old I was although my guess is that I was four or five

Thank you for reading! I am so glad I got to share my favorite piece of writing with you:). The reason why I love this book is because it certainly shows me how far I’ve come, not just in my writing, but also in my drawing (although I no longer illustrate my own stories).

Sorry this post is so short, I just wanted to be nostalgic for a little bit.

God bless,



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