WIP: Days of Deception

Catherine sits down at the keyboard to write about her novel. “Gah!” she screams. “I don’t know where to start!”

She buries her head in her hands. She knows what she wants to say but doesn’t know how to do it without making it sound extremely stupid. All writers understand that feeling.

As she bemoans her plight, a swift red blur dashes across the room until is is right beside her. Catherine looks down as the blur presses its wet black nose into her lap. “Andi?” she asks as if she had forgotten her own character’s name.

“Hello,” Andi the talking fox replies. “I heard that you cannot figure out how to tell my story.”

“It’s not your story,” Catherine points out.

“Bah!” Andi waves aside Catherine’s lies with a paw as she sniffs the air indignantly. “Anyway, you cannot do this, so why don’t you let me try?”

Catherine thinks for a moment, wondering if it will be such a good idea to leave her blog in charge of one of her characters. “Fine,” she agrees eventually. What harm could Andi cause? Her conscience whispers in her ear, creating a list of what could  possibly go wrong, but she chooses to ignore it as she rises from her seat and allows Andi to sit.

Putting her paws to the keyboard, Andi begins to type.


Days of Deception cover created by Wyn E. Owens. Priscilla White was the pen name of Catherine up until recently. She plans on having her friend change it to her real name eventually.

Hello everyone! I am Andi. I am a red furred vixen of no small importance in this story. I live in the city of Rhinal in the province of the same name in the country Nolathem upon the continent of Armilos. My ‘master’ (the human who takes care of me) is named Ennan. He’s not important at all. The three main characters; Angus, Alistair, and Arthur; would have been in some tough situations if it wasn’t for me. I will not go into details because Catherine does not want me spoiling the story for you because she wants to watch you suffer in your ignorance. Okay, maybe that’s not entirely true (someone please knock Catherine over the head with a hammer right now because I don’t like her telling me that I’m lying. Can’t I stretch the truth just a little? And don’t make it a little hammer. Make sure it’s a giant war hammer. Those things are nice.).

Alright, so as I told you, I’m not the main character. but that doesn’t matter! I met the three boys a few days after they mysteriously arrived in our world. They were curious fellows with strange words such as “cool” which meant “amazing” rather than “cold” and fun games such as “sharks and minnows” and “capture the flag”. Despite these differences, their world seems incredibly boring. Apparently there aren’t, and never were, talking animals there. But, anyway, I am here to tell you about their story, not their world (which I can’t exactly tell you about because I’ve never been there, although I hope to visit at least once).

So, because this story is about Angus, Alistair, and Arthur, it follows their journey from their world into our world, and then the events that take place after a well meaning council turns sour. I accompanied the boys throughout most of their journey. I was hardly separated from them at all. The book is called Days of Deception because there is an evil wizard who insists on trying to deceive the entire known world into following him. I won’t tell you if he succeeds or not (because spoilers) but I will say that I would make a much better ruler of the world than he would. My people skills are much much better. Also because of spoilers (and the fact that Catherine is changing the plot) I will not tell you who dies or if the boys ever return to their world (or if I actually wind up ruling the world. Muahaha).

There, Catherine. What do you think?

Aha! She says I did a very good job (although apparently I talked about myself too much) and hopes I will be able to write all her future blog posts for her.

Oh wait. She didn’t really say that last part?

Hehe. Oh well.

So long humans! I hope to see you again soon and please tell Catherine that you enjoyed my writing immensely so that she won’t use violent methods to remove me from this chair. Ouch! It seems she has begun. Farewell, for I must go and defend myself.

^. .^                                                                                                                                                                        =*=



4 thoughts on “WIP: Days of Deception

  1. How much are you changing the plot? Or did you already tell me the changes?
    And great job, Andi! If I had a war hammer, I would help you. Except Catherine currently has me in debt, so…
    Maybe we’ll see Andi return when you get to ‘the Lord from the South’? That would be fun…


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