A Few Thoughts About Journaling

I was going to write a little something about one of my novels as my next blog post but, sadly, the construction of such a post was giving me quite a bit of grief (I am not good at summarizing my plots), so I decided I’ll try and write something else instead because it has been a while since I posted anything. I have no idea how often to post. I promise I will eventually talk about my WIPs (of which I have a few), but for now let us go with the topic I thought of the other night while reading through one of my diaries. I will talk about journaling!

Here are my thoughts about journaling.

I usually journal about my life (and sometimes my dreams). Sure, it’s sometimes boring and, sure, some days don’t have anything worthy of being written down, but, when I first started journaling when I was ten or so, I realized that there always is something to write about in every day whether it’s just something funny my little brother said or a random thought I had about the book I was reading.

I currently write in a notebook that I purchased at A. C. Moore, although soon I will need another one. I spent over one hundred pages recounting just one week at camp, so now I only have about twenty pages left in it. My old diary from when I was eleven to when I was fourteen was just in a regular spiral bound notebook. Through the ages of fourteen to fifteen, I fictionalized my journal entries, and I did that on my iPod (whose name is James. I’m saying it now just in case it comes up later and so you guys don’t think I’m absolutely crazy). Typing is sometimes faster than handwriting and is definitely easier to read, which can both be a benefit and a setback: beneficial because it’s faster, but a setback because that means other people are more likely to read it. I am able to leave my journal lying around the house because I am the only person in the world with the ability to read my handwriting.

Now, let me tell you why I journal. I do it mainly because I don’t remember important things for very long. My memory disappoints me. I will remember a picture I drew for my best friend at the age of six, but not the events of yesterday. For the longest time I thought my earliest memory had been just a dream until I saw a picture of the event. But, memory loss isn’t the only reason why I do it. As a writer, I love seeing characters change through the hardships of their lives, and when I reread my old diaries, I can see how I’ve changed over the years, and it also helps me learn from my mistakes. We’re all characters in God’s grand story, after all. Also, as the bard once wrote:

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts…

What are the benefits to journaling? First, it helps you get into the habit of writing every day (if you are a little more consistent than I am*nervous laughter*. I usually write every other day, but sometimes that doesn’t happen), and (as I mentioned above) it helps keep track of character development. Also, some people i know prayer journal (and I do it a little bit…not as much as I should…) and it allows them to see how God has worked through their lives and the lives of people around them.

Do i recommend it? Yes! I definitely do. I could go on longer about the how-to of journaling, but I will stop here.

Well, congratulations to you! You made it to the end of my ramble. Sorry if it’s not exceptionally concise. I called it a ramble for a reason ;), and I’m still kinda new to blogging. Oh well. Practice makes perfect as they say.

God bless,




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